Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Funny fruit and bad poetry

On my way, late, to the train sation I stopped to laugh at the little individually priced oranges on a fruit stall In Hackney Central... cute.
I miss the train - as always, but I don't much mind.
There's a little bee flying over the track and I imagine myself really tiny so the bee is huge and its buzz is so loud... then the train comes and Mrs bee flies away : I wonder where she is going, I can't see any flowers anywhere.
Train: packed; Highbury and Islington station: packed; Bus stop: packed...
Bus? Walk? ... I walk: wrong choice, just as I'd set off a bus ran past me: one of those days.
Uni. Hangover. Drama: offended.
And to the cafe to eat a cheeky cheese sandwich shhhhh (I shared it with Stephanie)
The wind was out to annoy me. We talked then laughed at her little fermenting grapes in a bag.
Back to uni and I read a poem I shouldn't have. Stephanie and Kolli knew what it was about... as everyone else was guessing I was hurting.

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