Monday, 31 January 2011

Etsy Photo Finds and a New Dress...

I found these adorable photos by the lovely Ginger Lilly Tea they made me want to go frolic in the woods too ... theyre ultra dreamy and magical so I thought I'd share ... you can find her etsy shop here:
I also made a new tea stained juliet dress, it's mint green and has lace parts, bow bits and lots of swirl ... she's waiting in the magic loft now waiting for a friend :
here she is:

Sunday, 23 January 2011

I stayed awake for days and days...

...with a basket full of wool on my lap. I knitted it all into this dress whilst listening to Emmy The Great. I lost track of all time ... but now I'm back and and its finished, there's a frilly petticoat with it too in peacock blue. Im going to go put my needles away now, untill another dress shouts me to knit it. I have to go bid on a pretty chair on Ebay, someone is trying to beat me because they dont realise it's really mine... if I don't win it I'm sure it will find me one day - I'll see it when I'm 50 at the back of a dusty antiques shop waiting...

Friday, 14 January 2011

Esther Dee & The Carousel

...Well I think you should buy this because Esther is the most beautiful doll... and her music is WONDERFUL !
... I hung mine from my tree ... lala la lala laa ...
When we took the photos we had lots of trees on set too that we stole from some workmen who were having a tea break from cutting a bunch down, we don't think they noticed ... we must have looked pretty funny running around London with them under our arms! "I'm carrying a tree" then Luna Viola was in charge of the pretty make up...
and the Flutterbydaisy dress now belongs to the lovely Camille :)
Here's how to get it...
paypal Esther for a copy filled with flowers you can hold:
£5.70 with postage

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Alices' Wonderland

Party Alice

Tea Party

Tweedle Dee


White Rabbit


Queen of Hearts

Mad Hatter

Cheshire Cat

Alice in Wonderland
The whole January 2011 Alice's Wonderland Collection is now online
http://www.flutterbydaisy.etsy .com
I have a lovely wesite fairy working on my new website as wee speak too :)

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Happy bunny

I have been attached to this, my little temporary sewing space which has tiny curtains (a pet hate of mine) for weeks now... Surviving on coffee, crackers and zero sleep, but it has all been worth it; I've finally finished my Alice's wonderland themed dresses for January - I only have to send 7 on a little photoshoot then hello etsy! I think I might be able to start putting them online on the 9th :) I'm exhausted, but a very happy bunny...