Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Snow White and Rose Red...

It's all going on in Flutterbydaisy land : working on two black and gold dresses for a creepy shoot with Hannah Daisy, four Hallowe'en dresses to go straight into my shop in time for Old Hallows, just finished a Rag Doll custom dress for Amanda that inspired me to make a few more and go dancing in the forest in them for a shoot with a friend... also organising shoots with Oaten Photography and Mike Blowman... one with twee dresses made out of tea cloths and the other maybe bringing my short story 'Unknitted' to life... : too much stuff - my head just exploded petals out...

Snow White and Rose Red Dresses are now in my shop

.. Shot by Twitch Photos...


Friday, 23 September 2011

Into The Wild ... and with Saloon Girls

** Two favourite dresses brought back to life **

find them now in my Etsy shop via the website:

* Photography by Daniella Jaine : *

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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Flutterbydaisy Hearts Allison Harvard

Sweetest Petal Allison Harvard returns for the new cycle of Americas Next Top Model ; She rocks her Flutterbydaisy Frock in the 1st eppisode ... (from 7.08)
xx Love xx

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Up bright and early tomorrow to start on a few new dresses I had in my head whilst wondering the streets of London... including some special Hallowe'en frillies...
will also be adding photos from the lastest set by Daniella Jaine, which by the way is stunning! check my FB page for the pics and links to her FB page too...

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Back where it's lovely

Back down in London where it's lovely... Missed everyone so much. Its great to hang out with David again and see Fable getting bigger - he's a tiger now! And to live in The Big Red with Michael and Sylvia (and pass out in a Foyer) big misses, go to our favourite Secret Garden hide out with Stephanie followed by a Portobello Road stroll - love my fairy, old time drinking at The Worlds End with Steph before she goes on her journey around the world, come for a picnic visit to Lisa and Marinas, see the fairy Frida and Princess Matilda and catch up with Maria, Tiina, Luna, Erin and Kolli... Funny to bump into Rich on a street in Soho too! Soon, very soon. It seems like before now I was in a daze, of course reality is not my place to be, and Hull far less. Anyway, I like that only I get to write and keep pages of my diary- I would never delete the ones I pen and I don't believe in ghost writers...
Americas Next Top Model 'All Stars' cycle 17 has started : my petal Allison Harvard rocks her Flutterbydaisy dress in ep 1 (will post videos soon)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Magic Dragon...

It seems forever ago that the dragon was here, breathing, sometimes fire... To me, with me... taking me, and to fields in human form. Sunflowers. Where's the rabbit hole at now? I said, but the dragon can't hear me; he's too far gone. It seems forever ago, but in reality it was just the other day. Same thing. Come take these post cards down...

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Snow Horse...

In the far corner of The Transport Museum under snow in the Autumn we found a hiding horse... I remember being here when I was tiny to eat carrot cake on the weekend : he must have been hiding pretty well back then ... or maybe I imagined him now. The boats bobbing outside seem smaller too... and the old coaches with plastic horses - they pretend to take you places, but you still have to get back out where you started. In the gardens are children playing ping pong, old ladies drinking tea, birds talking amongst the trees and a little boy in a top hat, on his own singing into the lake - he was my favourite. I always thought the apothecary was here somewhere, but maybe it's hiding in another museum to be found on our next trip...
Today I am working on a mermaids tail for the beautiful Allison Harverd, will later be dreaming up two dresses for my up-coming Brothers Grimm style collaboration with Twitch Photos, simply cannot wait to see the new photography of three old favourite Flutterbydaisy dresses by the magical Danniella Jaine, and the Flutterbydaisy inspired doll my favourite fairy girl Alicia Gaultier is making from some dress scraps I sent her on a pidgeon ... *