Monday, 24 May 2010

The Strangest

Me and Luna went to The Bush Hall tonight to see Hope Sandoval. We didn't know if we could get tickets at first. We were told to come back at 9 which was the perfect excuse to go for a wonder around St Stephens. We went to H&M and I picked up an arm full of clothes then put them all back down again before heading off for salad. The salad place is called Tossed and they do lovely salads but on their T-Shirts is written 'I'm A Tosser' which I don't think is very 'salady'. We headed back down to the venue and got in. We didn't drink and neither did anyone else. She is stunning, her dress was pretty and she was very shy. The last song was a dream and during the songs there were films projected on the background - One of a ballerina. It was beautiful. Everything was beautiful untill we got back to Lunas and her fear THE MOUSE found her.... dum dum duuuum.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Mirror Mirror...

I met Hannah today and we went for a walk around Camden. We managed to have so many different types of juice I think we lost count. Most came from the little man inside the cafe that looks as though it was made from trees. He told us that he made it with his soul and gave it to us in the form of shots. Strange but nice. I bought a floppy hat and we went to see the little foot eating fish too ... not that they eat feet, just the bits off of feet.... ok I'm making myself feel a bit queesey. We found a shop that we hadn't been in before too - it was filled with all of my favourite things; victorian parasols, old china tea sets and bizarre taxidermy. There was a big stuffed black swan at the back that we had to touch out of childish curiosity. The highlight was the glass dome of hummingbirds though. Then we found a big secons hand book shop and I wanted to but everything, but didn't. We were then directed through the maze of the back area of the market that half of each of us thought we probably shouldn't be allowed into and also afraid we wouldn't find our way out of... but we did and all in all we had a lovely day :)

Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Zoo

So today I went to visit the Zoo with Erin and we had far too much fun ---- untill we realised that we had missed the giraffe and the big walk through bird bit. We did however get to see the penguins, prairy dogs and the evil owls, yes, owls are evil - there were dead mice strewn all over the floor and they were glaring at them through the brances from the dark shadows at the back of the cage. I think the Zoo keepers put them so close to the fence in order to frighten children. This was by no means as scary as the carcasses left out for the vultures to pick at - I don't think they sing, as Disney suggests. We were especially impressed though with the butterfly house and this Writer Bird... Then I had an ice-cream. Yum.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Don't wake me up

I woke up in a particular mood today. I had a dream about the sparrow. It was a test I'm sure, from my subconcious to my waking self. I won... won but in a particular mood. There's a spider looking down at me from the corner of the room. Since the wildlife moved into my kitchen I like spiders more, not so much so that I enjoy them staring at me but enough not to run around in my underwear screaming about it. I think this is a big step so at least said wildlife have served somekind of purpose other than to stop me from going in there after dark. I'm saving to move out, it will be lovely. I think I've decided to live on my own with an extra room to sew and a livingroom in which two ragdoll cats live. I'm still wanting to collect scary marrionettes and taxidermy butterflies - but they will have to wait 'till I gather some more gold coins. I would love one of those lay-down-chair-type-things too, and dining room chairs that are old and falling apart and don't match... and an old lady tea set from Camden Stables Market. I like stuff. Pretty Stuff makes me happy, even when it is temporarily flying through my dreams and making my insides drown.

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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Saturday, 15 May 2010

And another...

Luna came over to get ready and drink wine. We went to Dublin Castle to see The Dogbones. It all gets a little cloudy after that. Maria, David and Luna went home at some points and I had more wine that I didn't really need. Then I was elsewhere, untill we walked through the streets staring at the sky. You carried my shoes, my feet are not happy with me. There are others who are less happy with me, I think, vaguely. I guess I wish he could have stayed. I need to stop from turning events to fairytales. You see this is another, and this is not quite normal. I walked to Lunas as I couldn't even imagine sleeping but instead had other thoughts - even though you said goodnight, but I did sleep later - and I will sleep again now. Wish I could stay asleep for a couple of weeks or so. I wish so many things.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

She whispers and shouts...

... But her words are lost. Not in the breeze or on backs of white coated waves, but on deaf ears. She thinks in beautiful sentences but they come out plain, she says it how it is then, and then becomes stupidly stupid. Maybe the one who lost her words did infact just throw them away; I imagine them now strewn on the pavement outside the window. He thinks she doesn't mean it. Or means it too much; both scary I guess, for a boy. But she has just never felt this way before, well maybe once - but she has forgotten what that felt like and has taken too much of her time up with apparent self destruction that she is afraid to have the one thing that makes sense at the moment go away (she has become melodramatic, which proves what she first presumed). She knows that if words were to come back this way, neither in the breeze or on backs of white coated waves, they wouldn't be spelled the same. When the writer falls, she hurts her knees.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Shoes and Eyes

Back again. I went to go see Joanna Newsom tonight at The Festival Hall. I went alone but found Kolli and Caitlin and they were sitting in the same row as me which was nice. I really wanted ice-cream, but there wasn't any, then I wanted crisps but the que was too long. Before she started I wished I had put different shoes on; I nearly fell down the stairs twice (I'm not sure that the Tequila has left my system completely from my blind drunk Sunday night) so maybe it wasn't the shoes at all - just me. Well she was beautiful and her songs were pretty and all those things. Now I'm here dreaming of other things and nothing much at all. I wish my head would stop being fuzzy and that I could fall to sleep and wake up at regular hours. I wish I could get round to doing all the things I want to do, instead of sitting and thinking about nothing untill it gets dark and I have to sleep again. Tomorrow I will get up at a regular hour and go and write in Costa Coffee - even if I don't want to really and I actually do want to stare at my wall all day... I will get up and go and sit in the coffee shop, I will write something lovely and be happy that I decided to do this. I think I have lost my mind, but it's ok, I might find it in my sleep. I have make up in my eyes ...