Friday, 27 March 2009

Listen to the rhythm of the pouring rain,,,,

Sitting here listening to a cheesy radio station ... mine and my nans song came on : the one we used to listen to every Friday and dance and sing to in the kitchen.
Made me cry... thinking of happy times : wish I was 5 again. Maybe I'll sit up all night and crochet - listening to this music...
I don't feel like sleeping.
I don't really feel like doing anything right now.
But at least I don't feel sad: just kind of blank.
But this music and my 5 year old memories are definatley making me smile...
She was giggling as a teenager online again,... it's bothering me less. I don't know what went wrong... that's the only thing... I gues she wouldn't be very happy if she read this ... but ah well, what can I say, I'm not happy either that I'm writing it ... doesn't make it go away though does it.
I'm going to have more coffee... yum.... and a cookie... yummier. Maybe in a while I will dance around my living room as I used to when I was little ... people will think I'm insane ... and maybe I'm getting there ... who wants to be boring anyway. I should definately go visit my nan (and everyone) soon ... want to dance with her *

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