Saturday, 22 October 2011

Some Birds are hard to cage...

Bird Dress in my shop now, photographed beautifully by my flower Danniella Jaine

Can't wait for our play date when we will shoot each other : Bubble guns at the ready!


It's all going on, always the same and they prove what we were talking about. But I fear there are two extremes and I'm forever wanting to be in the middle and forever struggling to or from one end of this teeter - tatter. Playground talk again. I think we understand; the same page, but then I go back to what I was saying before. Do you know that it was beautiful? ... sometimes they want to keep beautiful things and make them last forever, maybe this time they will be you, because it's definitely me - but I'll never tell you that, because we said they think the impossible. We stayed that way for years in a few hours... felt like home. I miss that.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The photographer stole my breath: they do that sometimes

I came across :
and now I'm in love
Go see her work because it's beautiful...

Last night I stayed awake until this morning. It started with a loose end and finished with my camera remote. I customise things now more than before. Up-cycle. Outfit on LookBook, Garments on Etsy. Seven places at the same time non have meaning, and my head spins.... I'm also in the middle of joining Model Mayhem - as Photographer/Fashion Designer. Not sure if it will find me more prettiness in the world to collaborate with, but we shall see. That word just got stuck; sometimes people aren't what they say... recently, sneaky, bleak. But let's not talk about that now. I was wondering about acquaintances too : there are many he said... then sent me a photo of the sky where I got lost before. But not friends he said. I get it I said. he said I said. We said. Then I stopped talking. I should go next week, unsure why. Either and both the same until I make things up, believing them gets me into trouble. A song just came on; I was five again. Impossible, then sad. I want to get lost in the sky for real, but for now my room is what will keep me; there's no-one in there and right now I like that.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Tale of Two Witches...

Mirror Mirror on the wall... Two new Black and Gold dresses

photographed by Hanna Daisy :
now in my Etsy shop :

I had a little sleep that lasted a couple of days, it wasn't like in the fairy stories though; there was no-one leaping from the wings transferring a spotlight or anything. It was more like the radio downstairs got louder... or my alarm worked... or my dream was a bit too freaky to stay in... or I was a bit too freaky for my dream to keep me. So I managed a biscuit breakfast and came back upstairs where the internet stole me and still is ...

I became obsessed with 'lookbook' and made a profile :

...tomorrow I will be productive; work on the Garden Party dresses for the shoot Wednesday with Mike Blowman... looking forward to seeing the Tea Party shots from O-Ten Photography and the Self Portrait Bird Dress series from Danniella Jaine... I also have a magic dress on it's way to me which I can wait to get into... I'm not tired yet but I'll sleep now, because I should.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Alicia Fairy made a Flutterbydaisy Fairy...

From rag doll scraps of Flutterbydaisy dresses was born a beautiful doll, and from photos of dolls will come life sized dresses; a pretty collaboration...

Take a peek into Alicias world:


I went into the past last night, I waited by the door, I looked through the gaps in the fence; I got stuck. Sometimes I get stuck and then realise half an hour later. The birds didn't fly from the grass because I was that still... I don't know what or who I was waiting for but the idea made me cry. I didn't see anything through the gaps and no one came. It took me a while to get to sleep because it was already the next day and I was thinking of all the past times. The birds were talking, but not to me. I think I must have fallen asleep then and I know I dreamed of you, but your not who you think, it's not you and neither am I. It's someone else and so am I.

Friday, 14 October 2011

If you go down to the woods today...

This has to be my favourite photo from the new Lula (13) ...
I would like a giant teddy bear, yes please...
In other news : I've broken my sewing speed record and just finished the fourth Tea Party Dress for tomorrows shoot where a doll by the name of Laura with be playing house with me in frocks made from tea towels and lace for O-Ten Photography - shall post soon and will be putting all four dresses in my Etsy shop... speaking of which, there are still two Hallowe'en dresses left ... oooo and that reminds me - tomorrow is also the day of The Spooky Hannah Daisy shoot with two black and gold dresses, cannot wait to see the set! last I heard Hannah was full of pumpkins and candles... will post those soon too ... and guess what, the two dresses will also be in my shop - right the caffeine is wearing off, must sleep so I get up on time : mornings are over rated; wish me luck.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Pumpkins at the Ready...

boo! I'm already surrounded by Pomegranates, bobbing for apples and making costumes...
this is by far my favourite time of year... come play?

... Four Flutterbydaisy Hallowe'en Dresses have just been added to my shop:

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Splash : Mermaid Beautiful Polaroid...

** A polaroid from the latest shoot of Allison Harvard **
* model wears her Flutterbydaisy mermaid tale *
...more to come...