Thursday, 3 May 2012

Mollie Makes... I Sew... Esther Wears... we all like buttons

Here's where I stitched my Vintage style buttons from issue 13 of Mollie Makes Magazine...
...then I popped Esther Dee in it for a frilly photoshoot wrapped in a bow...
...shall be sure to make some more rag doll inspired up-cycled slip dresses soon and I'm definitely looking forward to the next delights Mollie has to offer from Magazine Land... lalala...

... some other pretties I found in the bottom of the Etsy Button Jar...

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Tales From The Treehouse

Watched and wondered when the spell was cast... how we disassociate, from everything, from actual [human] nature.  I want to be a bear again, as maybe I was before, or still am (that's what I mean) and you are there already in the canopy and we can just go get lost far far away from all of this craziness.  It's the fairy story that was before and still is... and I have ticket(s).


Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Fae Findings - A Flutterbydaisy Film

Fae Findings - A Flutterbydaisy Film
Natanya Waybourne and Barnaby Cooper

with music by Lilies on Mars

and a huge thank you to Danniella Jaine who took these beautiful photographs:

* All dresses are now online in my Etsy Shop *