Thursday, 11 March 2010

Marionette Obsessive in the Making...

I'm becoming obsessed with Vintage puppets and marionettes... I found a book in Oxfam, Camden, it's about Papier Mache and I'm well away: more hobbies, more new Flutterbydaisy things to sell in my little handmade shop. I'm going to start making them when I get back from Paris on Monday, give them pretty names, dresses and maybe houses to live in ... I will be seeking out more Fairytale Finds when I'm away too - I have a bag of them already at home waiting for their photo op and to be put online ... I'll do that when I get back too. Tuesday will be 'the day of doing' in my world :) all my shops will be full and what not, then I can start writing my book. More time: I have deleted my facebook, and am 'away' on MySpace so I have more time to be here and on my website ... which is the way it should be really. I like being here. I love that Spring is here too - the TV makes me laugh: 'Lambing Live', don't miss it folks... :)
Sooooo Paris in the morning ... can't wait! I'm taking my video camera and will be making a 'Rules of Attraction' inspired video diary... but with walking instead of sex, museums instead of prostitutes and hot chocolate instead of drugs. YEAH!
I found this cute marionette online here: ...
I'm going to go get in the Paris mood now with cute French film: 'Love me if you Dare' au revoir!

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