Saturday, 28 January 2012

Peacocks a plenty...

* Ruby Heels * ordered a rag doll halter dress from me, asking for it to be inspired by the colours of a peacock, and here it is. In my search for inspiration I stumbled on some peacock wonders from Etsy land and I'm going to share some of my findings with you...

Here's where to find them : * Vintage Art * Necklace * Fascinator * Artwork *

... looking forward to the Solocosma 'Emmaline' print I've just ordered to arrive ...


Tales from The Treehouse

A train booked and I can't wait to get there, just a trip and less exciting than yours I guess. That place brings back all those thoughts and nights and breaking slowly, but I'm not the one who's getting on the plane, but the train, like I said. There needs to be days full of nothing in between everything sometimes because I think the laughing man was right about the addictions, to feelings, to people. So when they say 'I need to miss you' maybe this is what they mean, though I've only heard that once and it was before the plane, the first plane, long ago. So maybe not. But one day when there's nothing for real I will be able to sleep without having the feeling I was dreaming all this wrong. I miss you, and will, in a good way...

Friday, 20 January 2012

Here, Backwards, Sleeping Stood up...

Tales from the Treehouse

Back here in my room too soon, wishing I could be yellow but I'm red and silver flecked with white all over and it's burning up inside... do you understand? I hope so because I can still smell the fir fire on my coat and wish for things when I shouldn't and don't talk but think too much, knowing if I say all the things there will be no-one there to say it to. That is why, and you know I think but we're still left guessing all thinking differently maybe, un-knowing and always kind of lost, but, happy in limbo... until one day, I'll ask. But then it will all disappear like a fairy story that was read aloud in the day time because the patience was not there to wait 'till dark, going up like smoke; the signal lost in clouds, unheard... I've written about smoke before.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

A Fairy Story found me again and then I got lost...

On an Etsy late night tour again, between knitting rows of dresses I found these lovely pieces of a fairy story, so of course I thought I'd share them with you...

Where to find them: * Paper Doll * Bed * Ring * Art Box * Pendant *


Tales from The Treehouse

Lost in a paper doll world, pins, hinges. A shadow puppet I found by the window danced. We were so tiny we could fit under the bedroom door like a secret letter addressed to Geppetto. Soon we will be real. The brightest star is already there, she said we have to wish. But first let's go play in the garden. It's so big because we are so small and it will take forever to see it all...

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Fairytale delights from February 2012 Vogue UK...

* Alexander McQueen * Meadham Kirchoff *

... Inspiring, beautiful ...


Tales From The Treehouse

In a box of fabric, sewing with one arm hanging outside and one leg on the peddle while my hands do some knitting... I have lots of ideas thanks to pretty delights like these... will dream them up when all my custom orders are done and sent. A letter from a pink room reads I'm making Audrey Kitching a dress too and also should take the Black Swan creation off the back burner for Miss Martini... sewing through my dreams will happen soon.
And then I was left wondering who, and why and all those niggling questions that go away never even when you ask them nicely ... you wonder about existing and why and it's pointless and I know... but don't run away from it, let's just make up our own reality, they did it first after all, and for the time being join me in mine; in my nest I made myself... it looks prettier when you're in it. The world will go away soon; it fades when you let it... just don't let them take you over.


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Monday, 9 January 2012

Nicole Sandoval in her Flutterbydaisy Dress, and Dreaming, and Wondering...

* Two beautiful photos from Nicole taken on her wedding day in her Flutterbydaisy dress *


Tales From The Treehouse

It came all late, before I would have sold a leg to be there and now I'm just content in limbo living to work out who makes my dreams - the ones I have during the day. Sometimes I don't think it's me because I end up in want. If I am the writer then why?... I feel like that little bit of wool that's curly at the end of the ball waiting to be joined on to the next with a knot... to one day become a whole jumper, with sleeves.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Necklace Love: Macabre to Fairytale, and the curiosities between... Etsy filled day searching through the weird and wonderful... on my way I found these amazing necklaces and clearly want them all... so I thought I'd share my findings with you...
and here's where I found them: * Butterfly Wing * Bee * Real Butterfly * Rabbit * Doll *


Tales From The Treehouse

Falling away in beautiful days, duvet days where it's a tent and the flowers inverted leave shadows on your face. We look at the moon, but I already feel as though I'm there with you... it shines a strange colour and there's a ladder leading, I'm sure it doesn't matter how many runs we climb as long as we were making our way up at the same time. We'll get there one day, or not, but either way the journey will be the loveliest... let's run away to the beach when the sky is clear and read each others words, light fires and move stones with just our minds