Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Dead Stuff and photoshoot

Today I was good and woke up early :) I went to university and was on time ... but I got there and it was the day that in Drama we would have to read our plays and I have a massive phobia about such events and didn't want to faint or anything ... so me and Stephanie (who is also a sufferer) decided to do something more easy-going and visited the british Museum where they keep dead mummy bodies - eek! it was a little scary, but full of screaming kids who were laughing at all the greek statues willies heheh ... which took the edge off the scaryness. We had to ruch back because we didn't want to miss poetry... but of course had to stop for a sandwich first! cheeeeeese....
We got to poetry on time and we read really depressing ones - uff...
Time to go home... I have to do a photoshoot!
By the time I get home Esther and her husband are already here ... I chill out for 5 seconds because my head is all over and then we get on taking piccies of her in a dress I made inspired by her - victorian pirate -esque... they came out very well ... I get on and photoshop them soon :)
maybe we will meet up thursday for drinks - they're so lovely *

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