Sunday, 28 February 2010

It Speaks T Shirts are now on sale...

* It Speaks T Shirts *
Forest Fairy Artwork by Luna Viola
Now available to buy online :) you can find them in my 'Flutterbydaisy Fairytale Finds' Shop via my website...

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Flutterbydaisy 'Handmade Shop' Additions #1

Ladybird, Magpie, Sparrow

should be sleeping

Haha I've just realised that the ballerina doll I posted below is sitting like me in the pic of at the top of this blog... aaaannyyyywaaaayyy ... was on ebay again - and not only managed to find my dream shoes but also this little cameo which reminds me of books my Nana used to read to me. I should buy it to wear at my show, which is getting closer and now the nerves are kicking in- mainly about drawing the raffle (as I get the best talk related stage fright in the world) So.... on my TV now is some woman trying to make me make a face cream from avocado - eh... and shes making juuice- but it's soooo expensive to make this green juice stuff, firstly they make you get organic stuff and then there's the whole cleaning the juicer business afterwards AND she's wearing a green top --- sorry, tangent. Ok I'm tired, and again with the rice crispies obsession - I'm going to go raid my cupboard (I know where they are, it's just more exciting to raid kitchen cupboards for midnight/4am feast... come to my fashion show - I'll bring rice crispies and we can get drunk on them.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Bring on the fairy dolls and figure skating...

Was browsing through ebay when I should have been sewing and came across a far too pretty fairy ballerina doll, so pretty I kind of wanted to marry her. I wish I could afford one, but apparently not :'(
( I was looking for dolls because I'm trying to collect weird things to put in my future living/sewing room... It should have old red lamps, green velvet curtains, (more) old bashed up chairs, cracked dolls and paintings of folk with that look on their face. Creepville room of Yum and lush. I came by another listing that said something like 'used doll with nice hands' which I thought was a bit odd, well more than odd really; it creeped me out more than the imaginary room of my future. In other news my TV is all working again... I'm over the TV-non-watching and I'm back on the flicker box band wagon, maily because I really want to watch the figure skating, but when ever I've put it on upto now it's been somekind of 'pushing thing across ice game' that I am not very fond of at all. I'm off to read the new Lula magazine now and then be a good girly and make a dress. If anyone finds and creepy bits and bobs auction anywhere send me the link :)

Monday, 22 February 2010

It's my birthday and I'll smile if I want to...

Had the best day today... it started with a minature bottle of champagne and finished with Sailor Jerry and coke over pool past a bunch of flowers outside my door and via some awesome Duck rolls. I got pretty gifts with fairies and japanese dresses on, lovely handmade things and a Mrs Rabbit from my two flower girls. We left Satsuma and I was happy I decided against those shoes... then cafe Boheme was smaller than I remember... and onto 12Bar where there was pretty music and a game of pool that I strangely won (which could only happen with birthday luck I assure you) Home came next with toast and cheese and I fell asleep watching ANTM yeah! ... then I had the blandest dream about a supermarket full of cereal and I spent hours looking for thr Rice Crispies...

Friday, 12 February 2010

The flowers are back!! thank you who ever answered my wish *
... but why am I still awake again??

Here I am again...

... at 5:00 in the morning, or whatever time it is now. I thought for a minute a few hours ago that my computer and technology in general was going to give me a break - I had finished making my new website in my computer and I wanted to publish it... aparently my computer didn't really like that idea, so I have been bribing her with zeros ever since and she published the new website for me - but missed out the background in the archive!! - I have spent at least 2 hours trying to fix it, but nothing. She has gone to sleep by the way during all of this and has just left me to it. The relationship beween me and my old little laptop is getting stranger by the minute. Please tell me it looks ok? I will give you berries. If not however I will be forced to spend eternity trying to figure it out - I just want to put flowers in it... and they are there in my computer, but not online. Ouch, my head hurts and I'm ranting to you .... ok other news ... Me and Luna did another rushed photoshoot on the table in my kitchen: A sneak preview for two of the smaller dresses that will be walked at my show, and later sold to someone lovely who will take care of them and feed them biscuits. I keep seeing things moving out of the corner of my eye: it's either animals, or I'm finally insane... I think I hope it's the latter (?) anyway ... I'm going to go to bed, I'm unbelievably tired and have to sew a thousand dresses tomorrow. Let me know what you think of the site, but take into account all of the above and don't be too honest, I need white lies and hugs right now ;) oooo - and there will be more things in my shop and some things in the 'Flutterbydaisy Fairytale Finds' section in two weeks or so ... all my finds are building up in the corner like a pretty pirate cave, I just need to take some pretty pics etc...
Love and bunnies... xx

Monday, 1 February 2010

Rules I've learned so far this year...

Don't ever: trust those pretty girls who say they want to kiss you, stay up so late you go insane, force yourself, read badly written books, drink de-caf or eat crisps.
Always: watch TV shows you used to watch when you were small, wear something pretty for bed even if you are sleeping alone, wake up before 1:00.
Do: eat more cheese than possible.
Finally: It is possible to find lovely people when you least expect it.