Friday, 21 May 2010

Don't wake me up

I woke up in a particular mood today. I had a dream about the sparrow. It was a test I'm sure, from my subconcious to my waking self. I won... won but in a particular mood. There's a spider looking down at me from the corner of the room. Since the wildlife moved into my kitchen I like spiders more, not so much so that I enjoy them staring at me but enough not to run around in my underwear screaming about it. I think this is a big step so at least said wildlife have served somekind of purpose other than to stop me from going in there after dark. I'm saving to move out, it will be lovely. I think I've decided to live on my own with an extra room to sew and a livingroom in which two ragdoll cats live. I'm still wanting to collect scary marrionettes and taxidermy butterflies - but they will have to wait 'till I gather some more gold coins. I would love one of those lay-down-chair-type-things too, and dining room chairs that are old and falling apart and don't match... and an old lady tea set from Camden Stables Market. I like stuff. Pretty Stuff makes me happy, even when it is temporarily flying through my dreams and making my insides drown.

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Carousel Dreams said...

That all sounds divine....I'm glad the spider is your friend x