Sunday, 29 April 2012

Dolls in Houses, with Esther Dee and a Duck...

A Pretty house: half fallen, half restored - magic bits and bobs in all its nooks and crannies... this is where we went: me and my fluttery team (make-up: Luna Viola, assistant stylist: Sylvia Mann) to take dolls house photos of Esther Dee in Flutterbydaisy frills
find new dresses *here* tomorrow : find more photos from this shoot *here*

Esther Dee and the Carousel at The Comedy, London, 13th April
... here we finished cocktails, bopped around, caught up, rocked out and jolly well had a good night...

...She didn't realise she had a new friend; that duck followed her everywhere....

* Esther Dee the Pirate by Flutterbydaisy *

Tales From The Treehouse

A bee busy and there's not enough coffee in the world... if you'd have stayed and left work somewhere else we would have probably fallen further through a caterpillar hole where time goes all funny then 3 hours have passed in a slow blink of an eye.  I wanted to be closer to you; inside your chest and your eye, like the movie where they're tiny.  
Inside.  Inside and all over...
Who would have ever thought this could have happened.
...It's the rest that's unbelievable now... but I'll get a magic pass and escape, might be wrong but I'm not caring, at least we can sit in the dark together.
The bunny: loved.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Sugar cube castles, out of time because the ticking stopped...

I up-cycled this wedding dress of Danniellas for her to make it princess pretty, then she took me to a pink castle where we ran around frightening butterflies and getting sunstroke... lalalala it turned out all lovely I've decided to go on a search for more poor little wedding dresses trapped in the back of shops, bring them home, cut them up, and make them shiny and new...
Photography : Danniella Jaine
Styling : Tracy Anna
Flower Crowns : Rouge Pony


There are castles all over : I want to live inside one, at the top, where no-one can find me...

I'll keep searching, but here's where you can find these ones for now:
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.

Tales from the Treehouse

The time tricked me again tock tick with it's mind games dice games... I'm awake, still, apparently.  I wonder if you are dreaming now as I'm supposed to meet you there - I'll be there in a minute I swear; I'm already falling - I've already fell.  I hurt not one of my knees this time and don't think they will scuff on my way up either, if we get up ever, I hope not because I like it down here.  The kettle stares at me and I hear her bubble when she's not boiling, just playing with the clock; temptress caffeine do your worst... 
I can still see someone walking when they aren't right in front of my eyes, nonchalant and nice like those thousand mice that sauntered across my bedroom floor late at night dancing quietly though as not to wake me; I wasn't invited to their party because I kept eating all their cheese... they didn't realise I wasn't sleeping.  
Take me to the secret place and keep me there... I like Rapunzel.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Trading Butterflies for Dreams...

* A Rouge Pony Head Dress for a Flutterbydaisy Dress *
Karins photos : herself / Mine : Danniella Jaine
write to me if you fancy a frilly trade :)

...More pretty things from Rouge Pony...


Tales From the Tree House

I'll buy it and it will be pretty, have wheels and go places far away; on travels and adventures and maybe you will come and we will discover things under rocks and live there in the middle, we write and create stuff and loll, stare at the sky then go there, we or just me or both. I've been here for a while and sometimes I need to do that to re-figure my brain; give it a shake, makes me go away which is needed and now I'm back but not to the same place, needed again. A house on a hill and wheels and all in between are nice dreams but no-one knows what will happen. I just know what I don't want and I know I always say that, but at least this time a deeper part of me means it not just the top layer that's not sure of anything including which half of the sandwich to eat first (not a metaphor) I can't wait for all those things you've wrote to me about earlier and before... I can't wait 'till tomorrow... I can't wait for my wheels - and my real ones.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Twitch and The Flutterbydaisy Victorian Slip-Dress Shoot... Part One

Flutterbydaisy Victorian Inspired Slip Dresses will be in my Etsy shop late April
Photography : Twitch Photos


Tales From The Treehouse

We all need someone we can dream on... stopped before she started to think the Fox was all right, before she turned Vixen; ironic mate of Fox. Talk of emotional evolution, of repeating of keeping, why when feelings fester we get lost, and why foxes are scared of boxes. She can't see the future in front and the past is fading. She can no longer sing when they are singing but she can give her self up and over and happily so; found the part which had been detached: re attachment, attachment. After she will know no other, to her own detriment if that's how you'd prefer to define it. Either that or nothing at all. Human Nature and love... the thing we used to be before we were trapped in all of this and allowed it to confuse us, let's put ourselves back together again, if only in part: because our inside has out-grown the outer but running or denying is never the answer. I just don't know what is. Or what is. Or what. What was the question again? don't think there was one but I do love you with all of my insides. Always. Without condition.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Kingfishers Catch Fire, Fluttery Frocks, Balloons, and a Treasury...

... Hinako, the petaliest pianist frills up in her Flutterbydaisy Dress for the bands latest photo-shoot promoting their up-coming EP release ...


In Other News

An early start, then I sewed sewing for hours... put the finishing touches to the victorian inspired slip dresses and sent them on their way to Twitch Photos so she can shoot them on pretty people... the four frocks will be online alongside the five from the 'Fae Findings' Danniella shoot late April, plus some more, and more aaaaand maybe a couple more... lalalala lala la
Then I tried to do nothing and failed, so made this 'Me, You, and some other things I like' treasury list on Etsy instead... it's my first one... and maybe I'll make some more...

Tales From The Treehouse

Just as I started to float away you came back down with a thud, I put more helium in your bunch off balloons so you can float closer to the moon, because I know you like it up there... I'll watch you from down here, from these clouds and we can meet in the middle sometimes in dreams to talk about what we've seen... and escape, for real, for adventures far far away; that's how fairytales begin...