Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Brighton and beyond

*Been away for a while ... been down... adjusting to being alone again: but I'm back in reality now... feeling a little better ... saving for my giant bunny*
So today hannah took me to Brighton and it did indeed make me feel better, on the whole. I had my moments of feeling awful but they did go away - so now, anytime thoughts of the past when I was happy with her come into my head, I just shake them off and think about how she is with me now... then I feel better again : I know it's for the best in the end.
... Anywaaaaaay ... back to Brighton! it was so lovely :) we found a shop and I said 'do you think they sell bunnies?' Hannah was laughing so much because there was nothing BUT fluffy bunny teddies in the window hehe... so I went and bought one.
We went for food in a little vegan place and went for on a walk on the beach... it was windy, but that doesn't stop me wanting to maove there - and I'd go right now if I had enough funds!
The shell shop was funny - the jangling would, and did drive me crazy... I was going to buy a little starfish but he told me that he wanted to stay there ... so I left him.
Then we went for a little drink .... or two....
We decide on the way home that it is a great idea to get back to London and visit the Candy Bar, so we did... and then the Crobar... and then 12bar.... then it all went kind of blurry ... the thing is we met Mr Tom and he made me feel better ... he is my adoptive big brother after all ;)
The night bus ... indeed .... I know I was on one... I know I called her... uff ... alcohol makes you do stupid things.
Pancakes! and coffee back at Hannah, Hazel and Doms place .... sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

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