Monday, 30 November 2009

Dancing with Fireflies

A very busy day indeed ... for a start, I need a new alarm as I have become immune to the beep mine makes. Julia came round and we cut up lots of fabric so I can make some fairy skirts for the Mediaeval Baebes, beating my speed sewing record: one skirt in one hour and a half! Later I went to pick up Luna and some tree branches for Esthers photoshoot on Friday. Then what better to do than buy a bottle of wine, set up a set, put faces on and play with my camera ... In a down the rabbit hole kind of a way. With wine in my head I decided that me and Luna should go dance around in the dark with the fireflies and make a video with snap shots - too much fun. Luna is now a part of It Speaks and new pretty stuff is soon to come ...

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Wonderful day, said Alice

I managed to escape a hangover by eating eggs and sausages when I got in at 3ish, after a trip to Club Hell to see The Dogbones and other bands ... it was fun because everyone was out, it was not fun because it was too crowded... it was fun because we laughed a lot through a Jack D haze, it wasn't fun because the front door seemed to be constantly open. There was also a magic door where people went in looking normal and walked out looking like death. But yes: sausages, eggs and coffee did the trick so I woke up with a happy head and made my way to Oxfam late, I'm always late (will borrow watch from the rabbit) another coffee and I'm good to go. Half way through the day a lovely named Claire came in and bought Alice in Wonderland. I didn't realise we had it so I told her and then we chatted about our love of the story and old books in general... she left and then came back ten minutes later and gave me the book! She said she thought I should have it. It completely made my day and more! I'm still smiling. She was the loveliest lovely I've met and I wish we had have swapped numbers or emails - I would have taken her for a tea party, or something else pretty along those lines... with cup cakes ***
After a little while longer Tom cam into see me which made me even more happy. I later got together a collection of old books for the photoshoot for my websites new front page whilst listening to 'The Hitchhickers Guide to The Galaxy' on tape. I love Marvin: "I've worked out if I put my left arm in my right ear I can electrocute myself"
Dinner was at Maria and Tiinas ... yum, but with some bad films... yuk (I think me and Maria laughed more than ever). All in All an Wonderful day.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Should wake up earlier

... But it is too difficult when I open my eys all wrapped up in my feathery duvet, it's yum and I think some mornings that I should marry it. But I wont; churches frown upon that kind of thing. So now it's 3:50 am or so I can get round to coming to talk to you about my lovely day ... I have been mostly sewing and have finished a pretty Flutterbydaisy dress for Miss Allison Harvard - I'm excited to see what she thinks about it, I shall send it tomorrow morning (if I indeed manage to wake up in the morning: I have set an early alarm, which I will try not to ignore! I far to busy now to ignore it because of all those lazy November blues days....) I'm very much looking forward to seeing the photos Allison is going to send me of her in her new frock. Maybe this will all coincide will the launch of my new and improved website (same address) that I hope to launch on or before the 21st December. But in order to do this I have set myself a jam packed everyday untill then... which means after, when it is all done, I may sleep all the way through Xmas in Hull. Last night before I went to sleep at some god awful hour in the morning I managed to scrawl down a Flutterbydaisy biography in the form of a short fairy tale, it's called 'Once Upon A Forest Floor' and I will be making dresses for it over the next few days (and weeks) and have planned a shoot for the images to go along with the fairy tale on the 17th December. I have also found some vintage keys that I will make into bookmarks for the first few... did I already tell you half of this yesterday?? maybe I did, but I'm excited about it (and it is also now 4am and my mind is falling asleep without me) So today was mainly a Flutterbydaisy day ... that's why so much shop talk, but enough with all that - let's go to bed and dream about frogs or something....

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Maybe it's the November blues, do November blues exist? ... anyway, if they did, that's what I have. But today I have decided that that will change. I have a belly full of cheese on toast and a sewing machine that is staring at me with longing from across my room. I have four dresses to make and four days to do it in! Flutterbydaisy jet-pack at the ready and I'm off!
... in a minute ...
In other news: Since starting at Oxfam bookshop I have become more addicted to books than ever before - they all look at me in the basement and want me to take them home; friends for my sewing machine. My pretty sock, Vintage dress and coffee addictions have of course not been neglected ... so many addictions, and always room for more : art? taxidermy? taxidermy art? ahh the possiblilities ... maybe nick nacks?? Goerge my housebuddy salvaged a velvet parasol for me the other day, it's massive and beautiful. Then the day after he gave me a japanese dish ... nick nacks, definitely nick nacks :)
Thoughts for the future .......... Birthday Flutterbydaisy fashion show and you are all invited ...... but shhhhh it's a secret.

Monday, 9 November 2009

I like this hat

... it is green, feathery and magnificent... it belongs to my friend Jessica. If anyone finds another anywhere send me a note on a pigeons foot of how I can go about owning it. Well today we were arty; I was sitting for her ... she was etching me. A curious process which she promised to tell me all about next time. I want to do one of my own, apparently i want to do a bit of everything along these lines so that urge didn't surprise me at all really. I guess I'm going to go online and buy copper plates next... I'll put them in my big box of crafts where I keep my clay, cotton, wool, paint, pens, fibres, needles and other bits of stuff. I have balsa wood in there too, and a glue gun: Don't ask me why.
Well I'm home now and shall sit down with another cup of coffee and start this little short story project I've decided to do in-between everything else: I'm finally going to put words to the photograph I took a year or so ago called 'In The Rabbit Hutch' I'm writing it as I go along, with photos and illustrations. I'll sell the original and do some limited edition prints of it, then I will type it out and get it printed through a company. So that's something I'm looking forward to. Hopefully next week sometime I'm going to get lost in a forest like The Cure did and maybe make that video I was talking about a while ago, with the white horse and a poem. I will be an It Speaks project I think... but now I'm just going on aren't I? this cannot be interesting to read at all. I will write this all on a list; I like lists, even if I don't manage to cross them all out they make nice beginnings for new lists .......

Sunday, 8 November 2009

A Sign

Sometimes ... there are magpies outside my window.
The crows and I like to watch them.
(I count 14 ... you?)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Lot of Days...

...Have passed...
with no internet - or very little.


Another new house; just up the street, another new name; Natanya Louise Waybourne, another new couple of frocks in my etsy shop; (more to come soon)


Because the noise my housemates and the mice were making in that other house was unreal, I thought that I had no concept of time... I was wrong; they were the masters of ignorance of all time frames, dates and other people. I won't get started on the mice, however nonchalant they were. They were all there before me anyway so I thought it best I leave. Now I'm a little further up the street in a lovely house with non of the above. Me, Maria and Luna moved me again in the middle of the night ... we all woke up with heavy arm and bruises in funny places. Did you ever play that game when you stand in the door frame and push your arms into the frame... then when you walk forward and relax your arms they go up of their own accord? weeeeell... that's what it felt like. My new room is yum, it's flowery... but most of all yum. When I get the internet again I will post some piccies :) When I woke up the day after moving day the tree opposite the window was filled with magpies ... about 10 - 15 (there will be a pic of this too) I was so happy :) it feels like I should definitely write some more of my book now .... it was a sign!

My name because, the old one wasn't really mine, and I like this one more *

And I am inspired - lots of dresses etc to come soon...