Thursday, 19 March 2009

Home again...

There were 6 or so parot type birds in this tree in the garden this morning but when I tried to take the photo they flew away ... maybe they were all in my mind.........
Today I came home early ... I'm allergic to the cats :( I'm so sad because we made friends and now I have to leave them :( I'm sure they will understand ...
I woke up midday and had a stroll to the post office hiding behind my big pink sunglasses to post some pretties I sold online. It's lovely in Hampton Hill I wish I lived closer to this end of London - I love that I can just wake up and decide to go for a walk around and in the park and people actually say goodmorning to you! I wanted to go to the fabric shop but today I'm not feeling very well at all... so I go back to the house and have a really long bath eat some salad and watch TV, I feel really guilty though because there are so many things I need to be doing ... more sewing... I need to make my new back drop for my stall as I decided that the one I was using yesterday looks like a sheet that builders use when they paint the walls :( it looked really cheep and I want it to look like theatres and magic fairt gardens ... soooooooon :) :)
A had the longest taxi ride ever to get here, I was going to get the bus but I had so much stuff and feel awful today so I rang the taxi place.
It took just over two hours.... uf...
but I treated myself with a big cup of coffee...
Now I'm going to go put all my stuff away and lay on my bad and relax... and think... and try to feel better for a busy day tomorrow.... good night * .........

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a faerie finder said...

hi petal!
im just catching up on your blog!
i havent had internet in EVER
and its been killing me
its funny to hear how you
were at my house and how
ruby slept on your face!
she loooooves you.
i hope you are feeling better.
i MUSt put this darling picture
of my garden on my blog.
whenever i take pictures of
my garden they are crap.
missing you
crystal fairy healing