Thursday, 17 December 2009

Once Upon A Forest Floor

We had far too much fun playing in the garden, me and all my forest creatures. It was cold and there was snow but we didn't care too much ... you can't see were shivering in the pics. We had lovely interviews too with our little documentary man Donato, who will continue the interviewing and documenting at the Fashion Show. I'm trying now to upload the images and different files and whatnot into this online book-manual-type-printing-thing, but It's been made clear to me that my computer and all websites are tired of me for now as they fail (choose) not to work. I should leave them alone for a while....
But when It's made I'm sure it will be lovely, and I'll let you know when it's out :) my little ladybird Matilda was obviously the highlight being cute and a natural poser <3
To the forest: Untill we meet again!

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Yum, my good left eye and a very well behaved mouse

This is Stephanie and she eats flowers for breakfast:

Before the photoshoot we went to visit the little antique shop up the street. Sometimes I wish I could live inside : but not when there are that many people in there. I Bought an old map of Yorkshire (in a sentimental kind of way) which is now hanging on my wall. Stephanie bought lots of old photos of people we don't know but who all look like they were lovely, for the shoot. She wanted to look all 1940s and I think we made that happen in my little dusty time machine. On our way out of the antique place, which had a sign outside that said 'all books £1 - but there were no books) I saw out of the corner of my left eye (the eye I use to secretly search for pretty things) I saw an old (I keep saying 'old' ... but, of course) parasol. It is black and has three layers of silk and a pretty handle and is filled with lovely. I had to but it. Instead of bread milk and cheese, which i thought was a pretty good bargain. My little parasol is sitting up-right on my shelf now in the top corner of my room like a little planet next to my victorian coat. Nick nacks are the best. Later that night I was trying to finish a dress for Simona when my needle ran over a bead and snapped :( I have to get up early tomorrow and buy some more uf. But in lighter news : The Dome is booked on 4th March for my Fashion Show (...and late 25th birthday celebration + 5 bands). Tickets will be available in January online. I'm only telling you for now - I'll tell the rest of the world next year. It's all rather exciting though! ... there will be someone there making a documentary and special guests!!
eek! said the mouse whom I've hidden under my bed.
Going to run now: I have to make 8 dresses in as many days for my 'Once Upon A Forest Floor' photoshoot... good job I need more needles anyway, these will be overworked and will need rest.

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Hide and Seek with the Cat

3:20 in the morning ... my laptop is burning. But I did get to play games with Archie the Cat today. He was my photographer and we played on the stairs. He won all the games. He is good at games because he is still a kitten, kind of. I think I'm still a kitten too though, that's why we understand each other. I held a pink ribbon for him to GET and he liked that ... but he couldn't return the favour, because he has no fingers and can only do one of two things: push or GET. There were a couple of hours when we were the only kittens in the house... but I wasn't doing that annoying cognative thing I usually do when I'm in on my (semi)own, that 'if this was a horror film I would get murdered right about now (a lesson learned too late: don't under any circumstances, no matter how 'cool' it is, force yourself to watch cheesey horror films under the age of 8) because Archies fluff made me fell better. He did not make Marias chair feel better though - he likes velvet apparently, pink ribbons and velvet,.. so I moved the chair into the sanctuary that is my room. If you stepped inside my room about now I wouldn't blame you for thinking I had some kind of fantastic chair fettish; the room is quite small and 90% of it is either a bed or a chair (of which there are 4, for the time being) they are all very nice chairs and keep my own two chairs company, so if their owners don't take them back home sometime soon I am going to start some sort of court battle where I will obviously get sole custody of all the chairs.

Friday, 4 December 2009

In The Dolls House

A little Esther Dee Doll came to visit today. There were dresses and frills, leaves, flowers, a hedghog in the corner - spying, photos galore and trees. We turned my bedroom into a forest ... it still smells as though I'm outside in here ... Of course Luna was here as my fairy assistant and make-up girl. It was all lots of fun and we should do it everyday.
I'll post more pics of the whole shoot on my new fangled webpage soon.
Ok now I'm off to put some kind of a face on so I can go and try to book a venue for my March fashion show (which is far too exciting to tell you all about now, but I will in the new year I promise)
I'm going to start a mailing list if you wanted to be on it (for now before I get one of those fancy ones) send me an email at and there will be news soon ***
Shhh.... listen to the wind. It got caught in the trees we brought into my room. She says she is warmer in here but because of this has forgot all about how to be the wind. Now she just sits in my chair and talks to me about buttercup dos and donts.
Cannot stop listening to: Lenka :) ... or the song from True Blood. lol.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Night at The Movieum

Just got home from The Movieum (which I didn't even know existed until today) we went to see the reading of 'The Hand Factory' by Greg Loftin with Patricia Quinn. It was funny... and cold. After the performance we were taken on a special mini tour behind the scenes to see lots of props and costumes from films. Comedy mobile phone lighting was interesting and for a brief moment I felt like a thief. In the corner I found Peter Rabbit - so sad I didn't have my camera with me ... but he was 'life' size and cute, we talked about carrots.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Dancing with Fireflies

A very busy day indeed ... for a start, I need a new alarm as I have become immune to the beep mine makes. Julia came round and we cut up lots of fabric so I can make some fairy skirts for the Mediaeval Baebes, beating my speed sewing record: one skirt in one hour and a half! Later I went to pick up Luna and some tree branches for Esthers photoshoot on Friday. Then what better to do than buy a bottle of wine, set up a set, put faces on and play with my camera ... In a down the rabbit hole kind of a way. With wine in my head I decided that me and Luna should go dance around in the dark with the fireflies and make a video with snap shots - too much fun. Luna is now a part of It Speaks and new pretty stuff is soon to come ...

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Wonderful day, said Alice

I managed to escape a hangover by eating eggs and sausages when I got in at 3ish, after a trip to Club Hell to see The Dogbones and other bands ... it was fun because everyone was out, it was not fun because it was too crowded... it was fun because we laughed a lot through a Jack D haze, it wasn't fun because the front door seemed to be constantly open. There was also a magic door where people went in looking normal and walked out looking like death. But yes: sausages, eggs and coffee did the trick so I woke up with a happy head and made my way to Oxfam late, I'm always late (will borrow watch from the rabbit) another coffee and I'm good to go. Half way through the day a lovely named Claire came in and bought Alice in Wonderland. I didn't realise we had it so I told her and then we chatted about our love of the story and old books in general... she left and then came back ten minutes later and gave me the book! She said she thought I should have it. It completely made my day and more! I'm still smiling. She was the loveliest lovely I've met and I wish we had have swapped numbers or emails - I would have taken her for a tea party, or something else pretty along those lines... with cup cakes ***
After a little while longer Tom cam into see me which made me even more happy. I later got together a collection of old books for the photoshoot for my websites new front page whilst listening to 'The Hitchhickers Guide to The Galaxy' on tape. I love Marvin: "I've worked out if I put my left arm in my right ear I can electrocute myself"
Dinner was at Maria and Tiinas ... yum, but with some bad films... yuk (I think me and Maria laughed more than ever). All in All an Wonderful day.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Should wake up earlier

... But it is too difficult when I open my eys all wrapped up in my feathery duvet, it's yum and I think some mornings that I should marry it. But I wont; churches frown upon that kind of thing. So now it's 3:50 am or so I can get round to coming to talk to you about my lovely day ... I have been mostly sewing and have finished a pretty Flutterbydaisy dress for Miss Allison Harvard - I'm excited to see what she thinks about it, I shall send it tomorrow morning (if I indeed manage to wake up in the morning: I have set an early alarm, which I will try not to ignore! I far to busy now to ignore it because of all those lazy November blues days....) I'm very much looking forward to seeing the photos Allison is going to send me of her in her new frock. Maybe this will all coincide will the launch of my new and improved website (same address) that I hope to launch on or before the 21st December. But in order to do this I have set myself a jam packed everyday untill then... which means after, when it is all done, I may sleep all the way through Xmas in Hull. Last night before I went to sleep at some god awful hour in the morning I managed to scrawl down a Flutterbydaisy biography in the form of a short fairy tale, it's called 'Once Upon A Forest Floor' and I will be making dresses for it over the next few days (and weeks) and have planned a shoot for the images to go along with the fairy tale on the 17th December. I have also found some vintage keys that I will make into bookmarks for the first few... did I already tell you half of this yesterday?? maybe I did, but I'm excited about it (and it is also now 4am and my mind is falling asleep without me) So today was mainly a Flutterbydaisy day ... that's why so much shop talk, but enough with all that - let's go to bed and dream about frogs or something....

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Maybe it's the November blues, do November blues exist? ... anyway, if they did, that's what I have. But today I have decided that that will change. I have a belly full of cheese on toast and a sewing machine that is staring at me with longing from across my room. I have four dresses to make and four days to do it in! Flutterbydaisy jet-pack at the ready and I'm off!
... in a minute ...
In other news: Since starting at Oxfam bookshop I have become more addicted to books than ever before - they all look at me in the basement and want me to take them home; friends for my sewing machine. My pretty sock, Vintage dress and coffee addictions have of course not been neglected ... so many addictions, and always room for more : art? taxidermy? taxidermy art? ahh the possiblilities ... maybe nick nacks?? Goerge my housebuddy salvaged a velvet parasol for me the other day, it's massive and beautiful. Then the day after he gave me a japanese dish ... nick nacks, definitely nick nacks :)
Thoughts for the future .......... Birthday Flutterbydaisy fashion show and you are all invited ...... but shhhhh it's a secret.

Monday, 9 November 2009

I like this hat

... it is green, feathery and magnificent... it belongs to my friend Jessica. If anyone finds another anywhere send me a note on a pigeons foot of how I can go about owning it. Well today we were arty; I was sitting for her ... she was etching me. A curious process which she promised to tell me all about next time. I want to do one of my own, apparently i want to do a bit of everything along these lines so that urge didn't surprise me at all really. I guess I'm going to go online and buy copper plates next... I'll put them in my big box of crafts where I keep my clay, cotton, wool, paint, pens, fibres, needles and other bits of stuff. I have balsa wood in there too, and a glue gun: Don't ask me why.
Well I'm home now and shall sit down with another cup of coffee and start this little short story project I've decided to do in-between everything else: I'm finally going to put words to the photograph I took a year or so ago called 'In The Rabbit Hutch' I'm writing it as I go along, with photos and illustrations. I'll sell the original and do some limited edition prints of it, then I will type it out and get it printed through a company. So that's something I'm looking forward to. Hopefully next week sometime I'm going to get lost in a forest like The Cure did and maybe make that video I was talking about a while ago, with the white horse and a poem. I will be an It Speaks project I think... but now I'm just going on aren't I? this cannot be interesting to read at all. I will write this all on a list; I like lists, even if I don't manage to cross them all out they make nice beginnings for new lists .......

Sunday, 8 November 2009

A Sign

Sometimes ... there are magpies outside my window.
The crows and I like to watch them.
(I count 14 ... you?)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Lot of Days...

...Have passed...
with no internet - or very little.


Another new house; just up the street, another new name; Natanya Louise Waybourne, another new couple of frocks in my etsy shop; (more to come soon)


Because the noise my housemates and the mice were making in that other house was unreal, I thought that I had no concept of time... I was wrong; they were the masters of ignorance of all time frames, dates and other people. I won't get started on the mice, however nonchalant they were. They were all there before me anyway so I thought it best I leave. Now I'm a little further up the street in a lovely house with non of the above. Me, Maria and Luna moved me again in the middle of the night ... we all woke up with heavy arm and bruises in funny places. Did you ever play that game when you stand in the door frame and push your arms into the frame... then when you walk forward and relax your arms they go up of their own accord? weeeeell... that's what it felt like. My new room is yum, it's flowery... but most of all yum. When I get the internet again I will post some piccies :) When I woke up the day after moving day the tree opposite the window was filled with magpies ... about 10 - 15 (there will be a pic of this too) I was so happy :) it feels like I should definitely write some more of my book now .... it was a sign!

My name because, the old one wasn't really mine, and I like this one more *

And I am inspired - lots of dresses etc to come soon...

Monday, 5 October 2009

* K1 P1 K3 P3 rep frm * to end

... That's not the pattern, but... I'm getting faster. Working on some woolen pretties to sell in my shop. Shawls, leg-warmers with pom poms and hopefully some cardigans (huge baggy ones, inspired by a vintage one I found) My new shop with be more broken down victorian doll than before and my new website will look like a real secret garden. I'm lost in my own little world today ...
Soon I shall take some pics of my new dresses in front of my new butterfly backdrop ... excited with a head full of creative explosions...


Saturday, 3 October 2009


Today Julia and Shelley got married. They both looked beautiful *** and the party room looked awesome; All in all a wonderful day of sparkles and lovely suff :)

*It does exist*

Friday, 2 October 2009

Butterflies and cakes

Butterfly duty is the best duty to be on. I do butterfly maths and pay with buerfly wind dust ... all special for Julia and shelleys wedding tomorrow.
Maria joins me on my quest for blue ones, pink ones and the illusive green variety of Covent Garden.
We forgot our Butterfly net, so we go to think up a plan in a near by muffin&coffee shop. the caffeine, chocolate and sight of brightly coloured icing helps tremendously... we have a plan.
We run into Lush and buy some soap that looks like melon (past the face mask dishes that look like dips for crisps) and back to the buerfly hide out. We coat the pretty white shelves with slidey soap and wait; clean.
The butterflies attempt their landing but slip and slide with all their legs and fall ino the wicker basket we made earlier from liquorice strips - ah-ha! we won! we pay and make a run for it... back to the forest!

Friday, 25 September 2009


Today I walked from Archway to near Camden via the pet shop, and loved every minute of it. I saw in there a tiny little ink-black fluff ball of a kitten; she climbed all the way to the top of the cage to get out - I think she wanted me to take her home, so I asked how much she was, but she already had someone coming to pick her up. Ouch.
Later Maria came round and we went to Soho: Dinner at Taro (yum), Boredom at The Candy Bar (oh my, we laughed), and Coffee in the street watching drunk people. The walk back to the bus stop was enlightening; all the drunk, shouting, puking, screaming, arguing, rude, pissed, stupid people we saw ... you don't see them when you are one of them; I quite like this new leaf I'm turning.

Then I got home and took a photo of this jar.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Post that made me Smile

I walked a lot today ... and everyone around was smiling. I decided that in order to buy smiles my currency must be vitamin D - 20 minutes they say, hence the walking. A litle pile of leaves made me happy, reminded me of when me and Mum used to stomp into piles of them on the way to school so they would crunch, the same pleasure as popping bubble wrap. I didn't jump through these though, just took a photo. When I got home I found the bit of post that changed my life more than I had intended to change it yesterday. This was much stronger - I won't tell you what it said, but it was from my Mum (and Glen & Joshua) and it made me cry happy. It's funny how the smallest things can have the biggest impact. I feel happier now.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

And I Realised

... This is ridiculous. I have to sort this out... before I disappear completely. Pen - pad - write - plan; make it all go away.
Kollie came to visit today and we had a you tube fest, giggling at the magic putty or whatever i was - fanastic :)
I sorted the mail, but someone, or the wind, destroyed my paper tower.
Green tea is nice.
Why is the window frame twisting and creaking this way ... is the wind trying to get in again? cover me in petals; hide me from the storm.
...won't pay attention to the lights in the mirror as they are just a reflection.
It is just me now.
Can you please turn out the light?
It's time for bed.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Tale of the Wind

All the bunnies you left have gone...

Now I am lost.

The tree told her that there's a girl who waits for her up on a hill:
"it's the tallest hill, and she can't come down without you, but she doesn't know who you are; you've not met her yet."
What did the wind mean? how will the girl know who waits for her if she's not able to recognise her? and can hills be 'tall'?
She wonders... I wonder, and she waits.
The wind is always right.

Monday, 21 September 2009

My room is too calm

I can't move in it sometimes. I painted it green not only because I wanted my room to look like the sea, but because it is said to be 'calming'.
This just takes the biscuit! sometimes I find myself so content (I'm not even sure 'content' can describe it fully) that I just lay on my bed listening to music hypnotized by my twinkle lights falling away into another universe. When I come back to reality the hours have gone and i'ts dark outside. This is not normal. I think it is the fairies. I'm trying to work out if they are nice ones or bad... I'm not sure that making you feel stoned without smoking is really the work of evil though. I just must snap myself out of it, so I can finish my book and make some more pretties for all the confused naked butterfly girls out there. Fashion something from leaves! I'm coming... sewing machine in tow, thread at the ready, pen in hand!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

What was all that about?

Went to Lunas and we watched the X-Factor, destroyed a cork, watched an awful documentary abou self harm which was very poorly done and made no sense a all, ate toast and set the fire alarm off again ... little did we know that a crazy would knock on the door a 7:30 the next morning to complain about it and Luna will say, dazed "it was the toast"

Saturday, 19 September 2009

The Mother of all Hangovers

I didn't do anything. Couldn't. Maria brought me water. I slept. Wine is sooooooooo bad. I think I landed on another planet last night and am walking it this morning.

Friday, 18 September 2009

What a Day

Up early... knew I could do it if I tried. Walked down to Maria and Tiinas realising how nice it is to both get up early and to live close to your friends (and to other civilisation in general) We jumped on the bus and landed at the Slow Food Market (and even though I've been there I still couldn't tell you what exactly that means) on the South Bank an hour or so later... after a fun trip of looking out of the window at stuff with Matilda. Broody. A lot of stairs later we found the stalls which were filled with nuts, bread, wine and cheeeeeeeese. We bought some nibbles and mini bottles of wine and sat ourselves down a little wooden bench to eat and watch Matilda dancing with no shoes on, in a pretty white frock, eating a red apple looking like she belonged to the market.
That wasp wasn't invited.
And then we find the hidden DVD shop and I bought 'Tideland' which looks magical. More stairs. Then Tiina changes Fridas nappy in 3 seconds I think she deserves a certificate or medal ... hehe. On the bus Jo from Whitby Goth Weekend texts offering me a stall so I'm soooo excited for this Hallowe'en now, I told Stephanie straight away so we can mee up again to make pretties.
Back at home: Rich comes to visit me ... It's so funny how nearly everyone I know lives around this area walking distance. We go back in time again and gossip a lot about everything. I chase a spider. Then David calls - I go to meet him later, I drink too much wine, and as usual when this happens the rest of the nigh was a bit of a blur (with some interesing conversations had though that I did guess about, but didn't say until now, and turns out I was right: I wonder in how many ways it was all right?)
I'm sure we can still be friends. In fact if we can't stay friends I will be very sad; it's not nice to loose someone so lovely from your life completely ... especially when the half you lost you didn't actually loose, you just gave it back willingly.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Me and Luna have been decorating for days we made things look pretty and lost track of time. All these painting days have rolled into one daydream.

Sometimes Maria comes by to ay hi and bring us some yum food and everything is lovely here.
I finally got my little fairy cave...

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Moving Day

I don't know what I would have done without Maria and Luna ... owe them a bunch. It's times like these when you find out who really cares. <3


Saturday, 12 September 2009


R.I.P Mr bug ... you tried to jump, but the shower was too strong. I tried to save you, but your leg was too short. Now may you rest forever - beyond the plug hole.

Thursday, 10 September 2009


There was a big green bug on the bathroom ceiling, it was staring at me. I wanted to take a photo of it, but my battery ran out; it comes on, but the shutter is disabled. Don't get it. Anyway ... I went to see another flat today and hated it. It was like a house where people go to die. In fact, the room I was shown had someone's stuff still in it... even their toothbrush. I can only assume something awful happened. But what was more awful was the ghastly wardrobe which they said they wouldn't get rid of, for love nor money as my Nan would say. So I did my 'wow, it's lovely ... I'll call you' like going on a disappointing date in a cheesy drama on TV. I won't call them. I will keep looking though, as much as it depresses me when they post beautiful fake photos of death pit rooms.
I have also found a few things I would like to do ... volunteering at Oxfam bookshop once a week or so - to escape.... and to obviously help the planet. I also found a part time job vacancy in a uni library which I'd really love to do... cross those fingers and toes again (for all of the above, love and money)
I'm so upset my camera is dead; I wanted to decorate this...
Anywho, I'm going to run away to sit in a dark corner to finish reading 'Eclipse' then I shall write some pages (In the 'my room' of my head)
Then I will make a million wishes that everything will squeeze into some kind of order in my life. I'm just asking for the basics: Flat, Good part time job, writing time, and an endless supply of coffee...

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


I went to see a flat this morning, and it was lovely(ish) but there was a £5 a night fee if you wanted any guests ... eh?! I find it quite difficult to say anything bad to these people and always end up saying 'yeah... it's great.... I'll call you tomorrow...' and I would have if it hadn't have been for that dodgy £5 mumble. Anyway - enough said about that. I do still need a flat though as I'm going evermore insane not being able to escape to 'my room' which is filled with nothing apart from the stuff I want to be in there. If I ever get sick or go completely crazy I need a place to sleep for a week without being disturbed to get over it. I need a place to go where I don't have to think and can look like hell if I want to. I'm so stressed out that I have a cold sore now. Great. And I have nowhere I can just pass out for a week ... you see what I mean. UF. I have so many things that are dancing around my head at the moment that all I want to do is write some more chapters, but I don't feel I can if I'm not in 'my room' you know? I have a theory that everything that is going on in my life at the moment was pre-destined to happen to me so I can write about it ... it is uncanny how many things that have happened recently sound like a direct copy and paste out of my novel plan. Crazy. Anyway ... I'm sitting here now alone for the first time in a while, everyone in this house has gone out or to work, and this room doesn't have a TV and I love it. I decided that when I moved I wasn't going to have a TV - bot because I'm one of those people who try to sound amazing and say 'I hate TV, never watch it' but because I love TV ... I love it far too much, will watch anything, which is bad. Come to think of it maybe that's what the 'I hate TV' people do. Oh my I'm going to turn into one of those people! hope not .. I'll always make room for ANTM ;) I think I should really stop writing now as I have just read this back and I sound as though I have ADHD --- I'm not hyper, or maybe I am, or maybe I've just gone crazy. All I know for sure right now is this: the light in this room earlier was lovely.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


The moon was so beautiful, I wish I had a better zoom ... or better still a house in the middle of nowhere, with a huge garden, inside of which a little shed, inside of which a huge telescope where I could watch stars and forget about everything else that is going on.

In my pretty house in the middle of nowhere will be enough space for frothy coffee breakfasts, carrot cake lunches and pancake egg dinners ;)
...There will be a cellar with rose wine, a garden of bunnies and chickens and a bedroom full of sea green and fairies.

Monday, 31 August 2009

When everything is so blurry it no longer has meaning

Where are all the owls? all the feathers are lost. She can't believe how she cried over them so much when they find it so easy to disappear now - far more easy than she could ever let them go. Why does she feel so lost when she's right there?
The truth is that she doesn't know where she is at all - just keeps finding herself until she runs away again so fast she is blind... other people will find her first then she will be so confused when she wakes up in their world that she wont know who she is again.
She needs to write her own map...
...but she doesn't have any pens.

*** ...Pictures in the dark...

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Inspirations a plenty

I've finished moving all my stuff into the living room, and various other corners of the house, apart from my bed as Lisa promised she would do it with me when she gets up. I'm not too sure when she will get up because lastnight was a wine night... which was actually quite nice, I was happy anyway (and I only had one glass - yey me) it was nice because the bats were birds all night. For some reason I was so inspired his morning that I started making the top half of the dress I will be wearing for the Maleficent Video Launch, and managed to finish it in an hour, which I impressed myself with. I also made the rag flower to go on a choker (i will be making lots more of these to sell at the show, and I also think that because this dress design has been so successful so far I will be making more of those to sell there too (and after that I shall make some more to sell on my website ... I keep meaning to update my stock on there, but I have been so busy with house stuff that it might not be refreshed until the end of September/August))
Going to go and finish it now before I help to take down my bed and then go to visit David :0)
My Mattress is god:

Friday, 28 August 2009

Where did all those days go?

UF - this time warp is never ending.
Ok... so today my little bird friends kicked me out of my treehouse ... I looked again when the lights were on and it turns out that they are actually bats : big bats. And as you all know these bats aren't like normal ones, they are not at all fluffy - these are the kind that turn into birds when you least expect it - they are nice so your feahers don't get ruffled and then as soon as you trust them or show them even a litle bit of a beaked smile they turn in a squark and squeek out there vile little bat song ... that we can't hear of course because we are birds all the time.
In other words : all my stuff is in the living room, I don't know where I'm moving to and Lisa and Luna are taking over the bedroom as of tomorrow. It doesn't sound as magical when I write it like that ... that's why we should always live in fairy stories.
On a brighter note : David comes back from America tomorrow --- yeynesssss .... missed him a bunch *** Jacket potatoes a the ready soldier ... I'll bring the cheese grater.
I'm going to go into my make shift studio now (the kitchen) and make some necklaces to sell at the Maleficent show ... there will be less dresses and more small pretties because of all the kafuffle, but that means that the dresses that I do actually manage to get made will be more special ;)
'uf my stuffs in bags' .... 'get a grip' says brain.
Then it starts to thunder - this IS a fairy tale.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sky Pictures

... Today I went to visit Maria, we sat on her terrace, drank wine, listened to tunes, played with the birds, created innner monologues for the people walking past, and watched the sky pictures change ... I also caught a cold.