Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A new Friend

Natanya Waybourne went to the shops to buy... some wool, Natanya Waybourne went to the shops to buy some wool and this tiny little bunny she found. She was just looking up at me from a shelf near the wool. She was surrounded by other pets and barn yard animals but she didn't have any friends I could tell. But now she is sitting on my bookshelf with all the other bunnies I've collected. They are all happy now; they sing to me when I sew.
By the way... I keep hearing gremlins underneath my floorboards. At least I think they are gremlins, they don't sound like mice - unless they are the ones that followed me from the horrible house and they are in fact mice, but dressed as gremlins; mice on the run, or on the prowl... evil mice. by the way ladies and gents and petals it's 2am again (the gremlin-mice just got louder) and I'm tired. But In other news I made two pretty frocks today, one is covered all the way up in frills and lace yum.

Monday, 25 January 2010

From now till March I will be maily sewing...

... and sewing , and sewing, and sewing ..... la la lalalala lala la! a dress a day: sore fingers, waking up early and not enough coffee. Salads and water and (never enough cheese) DVDs I don;t watch, but they are on in the background. No TV, but I long for some project catwalkrunway right about now - is there another series on yet?? I'm behind with the listings :(
Waking up early (early for me, not other folk) is driving me a little crazy, I have made myself a bizarre schedule that I keep not sticking to all the time, but it is stuck on my wall. I'm going to let myself stay up till 3am though, can I live on 6 hours sleep? I'm sure I can. I lit all the candles in my room earlier, I was trying to make it seem like day so I'd plough on as though I'd just got up, but it didn't work and just made me a little dreamy... it's 2am now, I should go ... it's too late to sew (I also gave myself a sewing curfew); my machine cries when I use her too and the neighbours don't like the sound, so I shall make another leg warmer to match the one I made last night, otherwise one of the models will look wonky. Or I could make a storyboard: I'm thinking of making a little vidoe advert for the show etc :) or maybe I will try to sleep...

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Fashion Show Ahoy

Sooooooo, after lot's of fighting with myself and then my computer and then myself again... after hibernating and watching L Word Re-runs and disappearing and falling off the world... after getting lost in my head and fighting my way back out of the candyfloss that's in there with a wet spoon I finally managed to sort 80% of all of this out and now the tickets for my Flutterbydaisy Fashion Show are on sale!! yey!! they are e-tickets and you can get them here: they are £8 in advance (and I think the people charge you 69p or something) and the price will get higher if you buy on the door (I don't make the rules...eek) ... so here's a bit of the lowdown: on Thursday 4th March @ 7pm prompt (!!) untill 2am (when aftershow party ends and we all fall down) @ The Dome (above The Boston Arms) Tufnell Park, London, N19.... Nuala Merne, Esther Dee, David Ryder Prangley, Maleficent and The Dogbones will be playing live sets some before and some after the catwalk show (for which I have already found 6 fairy models and am still looking for 4 or so more so get in touch wherever you are hiding, the rocks in the garden I'm guessing) at the door I will give you a free raffle ticket to win a Flutterbydaisy dress from the show on the night (winner will be anounced straight after the catwalk show) then in the corner will be one of my little fairy assistants selling all the items from the catwalk and other goodies like limited edition prints, cds, poster, tshirts etc ....... ALSO Hannah Daisy will be fluttering around taking photos of all the guests for the website archive and floating along of his own accord will be Donato the documentary man. Which means you should all look as pretty as bunnies and smile a lot. I think I just about covered everything, in a mumbled kind of way ... but anyway, yes I can't wait! see you there lovelies!!! <3

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Speed photoshoot: Faster!!

Me and Luna had an amazing photoshoot sesh today, she is the Moon, as her name says she should be ... and then we did a massive set change in a tiny space in my room and in a tiny time frame, like 60minute makeover. Then we did the pics for the flyer for the fashion show, I needed something on my head, we tried to find a floppy hat but were running out of time so the plant came to the rescue.
After all of the clicking and pasting of make up I ran off to meet David for his birthday... we went to see the Pop life exhibition, were there was a room of porn and arty folk were looking at it far too eep as though it was art (it was literally seperate pages of a porn mag from the 70s in a frame... and we all know 70s porn was the worst)
Then off to the pub that I can't remember the name of, the one where the pretty bar maid works... ah - the lock tavern, to meet Saheena ... then to the ice cream place where we all sat like teenagers to eat big piles of ice cream. YUM. :)
The I went home to fight with my computer ... we have a complex relationship.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I said I'd Write about you but I can't

But I did love the bleakness where poetry should be written, the sound of Joanna Newsome and the view from outside, the red sky, and the colour of mustard.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Texting her around the corner...

It's like a game, and you have a pretty smile that I wanted to kiss - but we will wait, she said. Then the men wouldn't give us a lift and I walked infront of their cab up the street to the front door. Before the pub, before the pretty girl was fun too... Jessica read my tarot which was good, I mean she said good things so I'll keep wishing and maybe all of them will come true. Then we talked about being housemates in an obnoxious loft or somewhere grand, where we could write and be arty. Then we went to the pub, the local... then we're at the beginning of the story again.