Monday, 2 March 2009

38 from Soho to Hackney

Today I went to meet Rich, I hadn't seen him in ages! we went to Soho to Couch and ate chips (the biggest pile of chips I'd ever seen) we had to fill them with salt in the end so we didn't eat too many haha. We chatted about how January and February are evil.
After A big glass of rose we went to Cafe Boheme and sat outside: two people asked for change, we got asked for ID (because we look twelve) then we had some more wine.
Time to go : 38 bus ... Stephanie calls and we talk nearly all the way home, I think people who have phone conversations on busses are funny, but there i was.
Home and Lisa is drunk, I am tipsy and Marina is back from work - we go to a pub up the street. Lisa 'playes' the piano then with the dog of the landlord which was cute: he was tiny and black and looked like a little ball of curley fluff with no eyes, like a teddy bear - but he still smelled like dog, so I didn't like him that much.
Then there was a mess.

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