Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Yum, my good left eye and a very well behaved mouse

This is Stephanie and she eats flowers for breakfast:

Before the photoshoot we went to visit the little antique shop up the street. Sometimes I wish I could live inside : but not when there are that many people in there. I Bought an old map of Yorkshire (in a sentimental kind of way) which is now hanging on my wall. Stephanie bought lots of old photos of people we don't know but who all look like they were lovely, for the shoot. She wanted to look all 1940s and I think we made that happen in my little dusty time machine. On our way out of the antique place, which had a sign outside that said 'all books £1 - but there were no books) I saw out of the corner of my left eye (the eye I use to secretly search for pretty things) I saw an old (I keep saying 'old' ... but, of course) parasol. It is black and has three layers of silk and a pretty handle and is filled with lovely. I had to but it. Instead of bread milk and cheese, which i thought was a pretty good bargain. My little parasol is sitting up-right on my shelf now in the top corner of my room like a little planet next to my victorian coat. Nick nacks are the best. Later that night I was trying to finish a dress for Simona when my needle ran over a bead and snapped :( I have to get up early tomorrow and buy some more uf. But in lighter news : The Dome is booked on 4th March for my Fashion Show (...and late 25th birthday celebration + 5 bands). Tickets will be available in January online. I'm only telling you for now - I'll tell the rest of the world next year. It's all rather exciting though! ... there will be someone there making a documentary and special guests!!
eek! said the mouse whom I've hidden under my bed.
Going to run now: I have to make 8 dresses in as many days for my 'Once Upon A Forest Floor' photoshoot... good job I need more needles anyway, these will be overworked and will need rest.


Oneironaut said...

It sounds magnificent! *Squeals with excitement*
If you're looking for any models for the show, I'd be happy to volunteer... You have me on Facebook and Myspace, anyway. :) [Coral Monroe]

Subtlety has never been a strong trait of mine, I must admit. ;)

Love and sparkles. <3

iaxe393 said...

the main pic on this site - you in blue with stripy shoes- on the pile of books is just typically natanya brilliant!

Willow Keeper said...

Hello Sweets!

Follow me at my new blog:

'under a weeping willow'

Thank yooouuu...see you thursday ;) x x x