Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Paris, bunnies, crepes and cupcakes

I managed to bump into bunnies all over Paris, we spoke French a bit, or tried, drank too much coffee everyday, walked everywhere! saw a gummy bear waiting for a bus, will never forget 42, passed out by the Eiffel Tower, ate oranges, salads and chocolate crepes, marvelled at joggers, saw a red panda, laughed at French Marge Simpson, tried to make more noise (by jumping on the bed)that the either loved up couple or the busy working woman in the next hotel room to ours was making, and only bought one pair of sunglasses: blue heart shaped lenses. yum. In other news, I was working hard to get all of my '20 Cupcake' dresses ready before the end of the month but some good things and not so good things all came up at once, firstly I got lots of lovelies requesting made to order dresses :) but then on less happy hand my sewing machine exploded :( I have worked her to death for 8 years now, so it was inevitable. There will be a funeral soon. So my theme is probably going to run a week or so longer - but they will all be there soon I promise! :) Coconut Dream, Very Berry and Marshmallow Melt have just been added to my shop, go take a peek at my new look website ...

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Park without jazz

I took a break and went for a walk in the park. Wish to be in the past for just half an hour. Lunch was made difficult by bad jazz, but there were pretty pencil drawings on the wall that looked like photos, so that made it better. Had 500 million coffees and walked around some more. I like lazy days. Today was not lazy at all; got up early made two dresses; dyed my hair, half the bathroom and half my face; did a bit of knitting; lost photography, found photography; thought about eating, but didn't have time; thought about Brian Cox and Betelgeuse; wrote a bunch of emails; almost fell asleep in the bath again; tidied my tiny room; wrote this

Monday, 7 March 2011

20 Cupcakes - February through March

Hello lovelies...
* 20 Cupcakes *

I've added five up to now, three of which have found new homes... fifteen more to come; here and there before the end of March :) always with Fairy, Day and Scrapbox dresses in between...
Bunny Fluff xxx

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Sirens, whales and a scary doll

In a nut shell: Ferens art is low but Odysseus is top of the list, I wrote it on a note before... We filled ourselves with caffeine and cake then stepped into my past: whales, ships lights and things you can touch, I touched the same vertebra with smaller hands... Keep eyes peeled for the tiny rope and this scary laughing doll that eats twenty pence pieces. The polar bear looks smaller now. Coffee then records, old new bikes that cost too much, busses that are too full. Too much food, then pool with flashbacks of being there in the heat and giant bottles, back to now and there's the worst of 90s pop on the jukebox and nothing on at the cinema so we watch more movies instead. "Hahaha" said the laughing doll.