Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Dead Stuff and photoshoot

Today I was good and woke up early :) I went to university and was on time ... but I got there and it was the day that in Drama we would have to read our plays and I have a massive phobia about such events and didn't want to faint or anything ... so me and Stephanie (who is also a sufferer) decided to do something more easy-going and visited the british Museum where they keep dead mummy bodies - eek! it was a little scary, but full of screaming kids who were laughing at all the greek statues willies heheh ... which took the edge off the scaryness. We had to ruch back because we didn't want to miss poetry... but of course had to stop for a sandwich first! cheeeeeese....
We got to poetry on time and we read really depressing ones - uff...
Time to go home... I have to do a photoshoot!
By the time I get home Esther and her husband are already here ... I chill out for 5 seconds because my head is all over and then we get on taking piccies of her in a dress I made inspired by her - victorian pirate -esque... they came out very well ... I get on and photoshop them soon :)
maybe we will meet up thursday for drinks - they're so lovely *

Monday, 30 March 2009

An internet kind of day

Where everything was quiet.

Lisa came back and was online all day .. and today so was I.

It was a nice day though ...

I was thinking *

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Waffle, friends and a reunion

Today was a lovely day... but it was very very cold. My nose was blue - but it was happy. I got to my stall on time which I didn't expect because I was up all night making stuff. My little suitcase is so noisey being pulled through the quiet morning streets between Tot Court Road and Covent Garden. I like to look inside all the shop windows where all the dummies are excited to see people after a long scary night of being exposed and alone.
At the market the other traders have started to call me Alice in Wonderland which I thought was really cute :)
In the middle of my day Kolli came to visit me ... and we chatted ... then he went away and then came back with the best waffle ever! and he shared it with me and it was YUM.
At the end of my day at the stall the lovely Dom came to visit me and he took a poloroid of me doing some crochet sat at my stall in his hat and we watched it turn funny colours untill I came out clear and looking like a gnome hehe ... then we went for a quick coffee in Starbucks .. we sat outside on the fance because there were too many stairs inside and my back was afraid of them. Then it was time to go home... I'm meeting Luna tonight.
I've not seen her for two years ... but it doesn't feel that long. We go to the pub and talk about everything and catch up and drink some wine...
then there are stars *
nice stars *
to keep.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Knitting pretty

I spent all day
making neck ruffles
for my stall
I think they are
quite cute
:) I hope they
will all find
lovely new
little homes
where people
will love them
just as much
as I do...
That is what
they deserve.
and they will love you back ...
Maybe they are magic*

Friday, 27 March 2009

Listen to the rhythm of the pouring rain,,,,

Sitting here listening to a cheesy radio station ... mine and my nans song came on : the one we used to listen to every Friday and dance and sing to in the kitchen.
Made me cry... thinking of happy times : wish I was 5 again. Maybe I'll sit up all night and crochet - listening to this music...
I don't feel like sleeping.
I don't really feel like doing anything right now.
But at least I don't feel sad: just kind of blank.
But this music and my 5 year old memories are definatley making me smile...
She was giggling as a teenager online again,... it's bothering me less. I don't know what went wrong... that's the only thing... I gues she wouldn't be very happy if she read this ... but ah well, what can I say, I'm not happy either that I'm writing it ... doesn't make it go away though does it.
I'm going to have more coffee... yum.... and a cookie... yummier. Maybe in a while I will dance around my living room as I used to when I was little ... people will think I'm insane ... and maybe I'm getting there ... who wants to be boring anyway. I should definately go visit my nan (and everyone) soon ... want to dance with her *

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Busses, travel, gig and bed

We woke up and I didn't have a hangover which was nice... we watched hangover tv though: Paris Hiltons BBF hehe...
I had to get home because I have to make pretty things... I got on a bus and had no idea where I was going ... it took a while and I ended up in waterloo and saw the London Eye the closest I ever have, which is strange as I live in London but you know how it goes. I hid behind my big glasses all the way home untill I saw everyone coming back my way ... supposed to go to that gig tonight: Marlene Kuntz... but because of what has happened I thought I shouldn't... but I do like them, so I decided to go anyway. I had to sort out my face though : I was a mess.
The gig was lovely... beautiful.
But I felt as though I'd met Lisa for the first time : we were that distant. Anyway after the gig we go to that little kabab place that's open 'till three - I can't for the life of me remember what it is called now...
We ate some chips.
I smoked.
I stared at the stars.
I went blank.
I spent the rest of the night day dreaming... away.
Goodbye and fuzzyness.
Then the cold walk to the bus stop...
and the colder night at home.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Brighton and beyond

*Been away for a while ... been down... adjusting to being alone again: but I'm back in reality now... feeling a little better ... saving for my giant bunny*
So today hannah took me to Brighton and it did indeed make me feel better, on the whole. I had my moments of feeling awful but they did go away - so now, anytime thoughts of the past when I was happy with her come into my head, I just shake them off and think about how she is with me now... then I feel better again : I know it's for the best in the end.
... Anywaaaaaay ... back to Brighton! it was so lovely :) we found a shop and I said 'do you think they sell bunnies?' Hannah was laughing so much because there was nothing BUT fluffy bunny teddies in the window hehe... so I went and bought one.
We went for food in a little vegan place and went for on a walk on the beach... it was windy, but that doesn't stop me wanting to maove there - and I'd go right now if I had enough funds!
The shell shop was funny - the jangling would, and did drive me crazy... I was going to buy a little starfish but he told me that he wanted to stay there ... so I left him.
Then we went for a little drink .... or two....
We decide on the way home that it is a great idea to get back to London and visit the Candy Bar, so we did... and then the Crobar... and then 12bar.... then it all went kind of blurry ... the thing is we met Mr Tom and he made me feel better ... he is my adoptive big brother after all ;)
The night bus ... indeed .... I know I was on one... I know I called her... uff ... alcohol makes you do stupid things.
Pancakes! and coffee back at Hannah, Hazel and Doms place .... sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

Friday, 20 March 2009


I missed the post :(
I made a list with everything that I have to do today on it ... maybe if I do this everyday I will stop to say'it's ok I'll do this tomorrow' I got lots done in fact, so there you go... it must work!
after tea staining my dust sheetesque fabric I put little strips of flowery fabric on them and frills ... it looks a whole lot better :) I fell a little better too ... although I'm not at all back to normal :( but I used lots of make up and photoshop to take my photos in two dresses that I will put in frames on my stall ... I have ran out of ink so I shall have to get them printed at that place up the street tomorrow on my way to the post office - I will catch it this time!
When Marina came back we went to the little shop at the end of the street bought some goods and came back home - ate salad and her famous (to me anyway) omelette with green stuff inside :) whilst watching Paris Hiltons BBF ;) funny ... and then Family Guy ... and then: off ... work to be done! ......... after a shower ......... yum

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Home again...

There were 6 or so parot type birds in this tree in the garden this morning but when I tried to take the photo they flew away ... maybe they were all in my mind.........
Today I came home early ... I'm allergic to the cats :( I'm so sad because we made friends and now I have to leave them :( I'm sure they will understand ...
I woke up midday and had a stroll to the post office hiding behind my big pink sunglasses to post some pretties I sold online. It's lovely in Hampton Hill I wish I lived closer to this end of London - I love that I can just wake up and decide to go for a walk around and in the park and people actually say goodmorning to you! I wanted to go to the fabric shop but today I'm not feeling very well at all... so I go back to the house and have a really long bath eat some salad and watch TV, I feel really guilty though because there are so many things I need to be doing ... more sewing... I need to make my new back drop for my stall as I decided that the one I was using yesterday looks like a sheet that builders use when they paint the walls :( it looked really cheep and I want it to look like theatres and magic fairt gardens ... soooooooon :) :)
A had the longest taxi ride ever to get here, I was going to get the bus but I had so much stuff and feel awful today so I rang the taxi place.
It took just over two hours.... uf...
but I treated myself with a big cup of coffee...
Now I'm going to go put all my stuff away and lay on my bad and relax... and think... and try to feel better for a busy day tomorrow.... good night * .........

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Stall plans, apple lunch and Covent Garden sunshine

Today was the day of my first stall :) it was so lovely, all the other traders were so nice and looked after me ... aww :) the only trouble was that it was the middle of the week so there were not that many people ... looking forward to the summer there though! yey.
So I set up my little stall with magnets holdng on my sheet backdrop, and put all my dresses all pretty - i wasn't really happy about how it turned out - I wanted it to look prettier - but now I have been there once I know how to set it out... the whole day I was planning how to work towards my new stall design :) It will be lovely with photo frames and a wooden sign someone is making me from etsy ... I might not be ablt to make it exactly how I want it for Sunday (the sign is coming from America for a start) but in the next few weeks it will be yummy :) ... can't wait *
I had an apple, a salad and then a homous n carrot sandwich ... mmmm ... I'm trying to eat healthy to make my skin pretty.
It was so cold when I got there at 8:45 but by midday the sun came out and people were without coats and eating ice-creams :) ...

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A trip to the V&A

An early start ... I wrote my play for uni at 3 - 5am this morning... slept a little and then woke up again at 8:30am ... I am too far away to be able to get in for the lesson even though I try, but none of my limbs work this early.
Bus, Train, book............... uni, print, hand in, food, talk, tube..................
I arrive at the V&A for this weeks poetry class trip (yes, I do not feel 24 anymore and am now a little girl running around with pigtales, needing the toilet and asking when I can eat my packed lunch)
Me and Kolli walk around and take a pic of us in front of a naked lady sculpture boob *giggle* ... why do museums make me act 8?
loves it
We walk around and get lost.... we head towards 'China' and end up in 'Britain 1900' all the gold stuff looks fake.
Then we walked some more ... to the cafe! to eat a scone...yum.... and then it was 4:20! where did all the time go??
We found some inspiration for poems though, which is good and I found a couple of really beautiful paintings that talked to me from the walls...
Tube, book................... home,pick up stuff, shes asleep, confused, note, meant it, did she? walk, dark, overground, book........ phone, mum...... phone, hannah...... phone, steph........ richmond, bus, stare out of window, back at the house, cats, coffee, TV, relax, CROCHET like your life depends on it!!!! go! go! go!

Monday, 16 March 2009


Wow today is a lovely day ... I go out to he corner shop to buy some grub to fuel my third frantic sewing day in a row... and I am amazed with the sun, I don't know if it because in my house we always have the curtains drawn or because it has just not been sunny like this for a while.
I really want to walk around the park opposite, it's full of deer... but I can't today because I'm so busy... and I'm half dressed in my pyjamas.
Jam covered crumpets ... yum
I watch Oprah for the first time ever and it makes me cry, there's a young lady who has cancer but she has completely changed her life and become really positive - I can't explain it... she just radiates goodness, she wrote a book called 'crazy, sexy cancer' (I think that's the correct title)and I really want to read it just because she is so lovely and could teach us all a lesson about the point(s) of/in life...
More sewing ... more upliftedand slightly in awe of the world.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Kitty catssss

This morning I woke up with a cat on my face...
It was Ruby and she was liking me like a big lollypop - a human flavoured lollypop :)
Another sewing day of course!
Ruby has fallen inlove with a Tom cat who comes to sit outside the window.
She jumps up behind the blind in the living room and taps on the window at him ... then she runs all the way to the front door - to see if he has come in I think... she is so cute!
In the meantime Lamby is just watching her run upto the window and back again with a confused look on his face. I don't think he is fond of Mr Tom cat outside, he's like 'get away from my sister yo'
I put the TV on while I'm sewing... I watch lots of Americas Next Top Model, even though I've seen them all a million times, I also watched some Buffy, Simpsons and Planet Earth ... later I watch some QI - what a day! ... sewing, TV and kitty love.... <3

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Another long sewing day

I woke up this morning at 7am which meant I had only had 2 hours of sleep, it was under a lovely big fluffy blanket though :) ... it's time for Stephanie and Simon to leave, and then the boys.. and then I'm alone in a house with stairs for the first time in ages. The last time I think was when my parents went on holliday for the first time without me (because I was a teenager and didn't want to go... because I had - teenager stuff - to do... like paint my bedroom ceiling black and put little silver stars on it) I went slightly crazy those two weeks, Rich came over to see me and we heard a ghost man talking to us - so we went out - those were the days in good old Hull...
Back here in London and it is much more quiet - this house is very lovely and calming ... so that's nice, and the cats help too because they are so lovely - miaw! purrrrrrrrr!
I go upstairs and sit with the blind open and the sun shining on my face (which makes it difficult to see the thread - but was too nice to resist) and I sew and sew .... and then I make some labels ....

Friday, 13 March 2009


Today is strange ... I don't know what I'm doing... I'm so busy - from every angle, it's hard to keep up with everything I want to do.
I make things.
I ance around the living room...
The taxi has taken far too long, so I call and it turns out that he has broken down somewhere and failed to call me... so I ring another and he comes to pick me up as fast as he drives... fast. The outside is blurry, and I feel bad because although he is fast it still takes a long time to get from one end of London to the other...
Turns out that he sucks and he stole £10 from the money I gave him to pay!!! I hate him - he will get bad karma now. That's why you shouldn't steal stuff - bad Karma.
I get here far later than I thought I would... I watch Stephanie pack lots of socks :) then she has to go to sleep because her flight is early and it's already 2am,
I'm sleeping on the sofa because there's a full house - but I'm not tired yet so I check my email and then I stare at the piano...

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Sew today...sew tomorrow

Oh my I am so tired. I have been at my little work space all day... sewing and when I wasn't sewing I was staring at the wall. My arms ache and my leg from lifting up and down on the peddle... ouch...
why does something that is supposed to be a pleasure turn into a horror movie? seriously... the worst thing is, is that i decided to cut out the patterns of 10 dresses and the sew them in stages as though I were in a factory que... but there was just me - i couldn't pass the next bit to the next person, just the next me ... sooooooo busy!
but the good thing is... I'm really happy about how the dresses are looking :) they are part of my 'ragdoll' collection for Flutterbydaisy for me to sell at Covent Garden - but the only thing is is that I have to have all of these finished plus more by Wednesday! and I have a play to write for uni for Tuesday and some of my own writing to do - I need another me! ...
I wonder how I can split myself in two? can nyone out there sew? fancy coming to help? ;) I will pay you in coffee and cheese, hehe...
I need to dream pretty dreams before I escape...
but first a shower - maybe I will fall asleep inside and turn into a mermaid??

Doube vision

I was supposed to wake up at 9:00am ... but my alarm was my worst enemy ... I nuked it sereral million times in my sleep. Because I couldn't get any last night I guess. 14:30!! oh my... I had so many things to do today! ok so I pull myself together fall out of bed and onto the bus, stumble into uni, hand in my essay and end up back home again in a blur to drink at least 4 cups of coffee before I can start my day. uff.
They have a gig tonight but I can't make it - I am going to cut out and start on all of the dresses, skirts, purses, corsets and frilly knickers that I'm going to sell at my stall in Covent gardens Apple Market on Wednesday ... I will get up on time for that I'm sure ... I have to be there at 8:30/9:00 ish I think, if I don't think I can do it maybe I should just stay awake ...
All the fabric is all over - cut so many patterns, so many dresses to make ... all I can see is lots of different patterns and colours ... I am swimming on a little sea of cotton and lace and elastic and ribbon... I will put them into little neat piles for now and then tomorrow I will sew as many of them as I can...
cotton cotton fabric fabric irn iron sew sew...
Double vision.......

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

An English scone

Today I went to a little cafe in High Street Kensington that was so cute - Tea for Two was on the menu which made me smile. It was very small, had pretty flowers in vases and sold the best scones I've seen in the south. I went to meet Esther and her husband, they are so lovely. I'm very much looking forward to working with them ... I will be making a wardrobe of victorian pirate inspired frocks for her to wear in her new video and on the red carpet ... should be fun :) I think we will also have a blast with the photoshoot ... can't wait.
the train took ages to come, I had a book with me but decided to just think instead. I don't like to stand on the tube, especially in wedges - eek!
Home and I know I should be doing something... what was it again?? ...
... SCIENCE FICTION essay!! pants I completely forgot! ... I have to miss the gig tonight - Have to write about something that I have no idea about... quick google search... TYPE!!
They come back drunk... I'm tired...
...Stephanie calls * ... then ...
sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep......................... I hope I don't dream of aliens.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Mannequin days

Drama today was funny... the play was bad. I didn't say anything but we were all thinking it: child abuse, murder, prostitution and abuse in general were the main themes... that's what they all like to write about in class at the moment: information your just not ready to take in at 10:00am. And they don't even write it well. I blame it on all the books with white covers you find in WHSmiths.
We sat in the uni cafe and talked... then we went for a beer. Poetry was funny, mainly because of the bubbles. Back to the uni bar with Kolli and Steph...
I fell asleep on the bus on my way home... I had a dream and I really wanted to write it down when I got in but I couldn't remember it! ... I wish I could, I think it was pretty. I think I went to a garden, maybe there were faries there. I thought I'd missed my stop and I hate it when that happens - must have looked like a crazy.
Football, fuzz, news, crap, fuzz ... The only things on TV : how awful.
So I go to stand in the corner of my room and pretend to be a mannequin.
Looking forward to meet with Esther O'Connor tomorrow she seems lovely *

Monday, 9 March 2009

Poetry... indeed

So I finally started and finished my poetry that has to be in tomorrow - I think my problem was that I am against writing being forced so my mind puts up a block and makes me sleep instead. It's not really the best time to write for uni because all my deepest darkest secrets keep coming out - I don't mean it.
Sorted some stuff ... ate some pasta.
Joined Twitter (as flutterbydaisy) : Stephen fry is there :)
Washed the dishes in a haze.
Then the usual, but this time I didn't care - I was too busy staring at sex and the city.
10 hours!
Then the pushing stopped for one night/morning at least - but I was too tired to notice.
Think I should show you all the pretty butterfly light that I found the other night....

Sunday, 8 March 2009

The morning after

I stayed in bed all day thinking about all the things that went wrong ... I slept and slept some more... I look like I'd been dragged around the dirty pavements of Camden town - I could have been, but I don't remember. I remember all the awful things though - the big mess : the big headache I gave myself.
I want to go say I'm sorry to him, but a daren't ... I couldn't remember at that point that we ended the night relatively ok ... relatively.
We ate pizza... we drank a bottle of fizzy water.
I try to think about my poetry essay - but thoughts are gone again.
I sleep some more - I dream about her.
hannah calls me ... that's ok now.
Lisa is online - it should be ok. I have to deal with the facts that have been decided for me : they are out of my hands.
I will visit Hannah, then I shall go a take care of some little fluffy people - and hug them a lot.
I feel like lots of little shiney lights have taken over my mind.
The one from my dream is a life saver *

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Night out: Regrets

Why are birthday nights out always the most depressing?
A trip to Broadway market... it's lovely and not what I expected, I thought it was just about food but there are lots of lovely little stalls where people sell vintage things and homemade creams and remedies... I bought something : I have a shopping problem, but it was only £7.50 - £7.50 that I don't have mind. I will be ok in that area soon with a promise of something big that I can't say because I don't want to jynx it.
We went to a cafe on the corner where there was a cute light with butterflies on that made us all feel tired... I think it was magic.
I ate some salmon - it was yummy.
The wine fest started early, we took photos of when we were happy - before the night went sour, like milk that makes you feel sick when you open the lid - really happy to put it in your coffee and then for the smell. We got ready and I wore some things that I made myself a while ago (see pic - it's of pre stress, thats why I'm smiling)
The bus was wierd - she is my friend.
I saw something : misconstrewed (I'm sure thats a word - but the longest lasting hangover in the world has messed up my spelling ability)
I'm sure I've ended a blog like this before.... home, then a mess.

Friday, 6 March 2009


...Comes from the Latin word procrastinatus: pro- (forward) and crastinus (of tomorrow).
: Because there too many things today happening inside, I will do everything tomorrow... I will make a list... to stop further delaying. ;)
I noticed a pet shop close by that I had never seen before - there was a little dog house sitting outside (a pretty one which looked like a tiny real house) I will buy it ... and that is where my big bunny will sleep when she doesn't want to run around my room anymore for the day... or maybe she could sleep with me ... *bunny bunny bunny*
When I got in I had a discussion (that is what you call them when they aren't fun) then I put on all my little lights on, and Innocence Mission, and I fell asleep inside my own little world where everything stopped to exist : blank. It was the most deep sleep I had ever been in - I think I left my body and met with someone else who made me feel better - I wish I knew who they were.
The coffee strike has officially ended, and it ended like a firework show, with a record 4 in an hour : bang.
Ebay: Kunzite found in a rock, I really want it to add to my collection. I was reading its properties and healing benefits and it seems to be shouting me... bid.
My dummy is staring at me - she wants me to make her a dress because ahe is cold... tomorrow.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

A reading

After a strange day of fuzziness at uni with a little extra added blankness in Science Fiction followed with a helping of upset, I went to see Stephanie.
We stopped off at the little shop underneath her house to buy some grub : anything with cheese ... I'm over it ;)
She made a candle by melting wax into a mold ... reminded me of a fairy story that I don't know the name of.
Smells like flowers.
Then she read my cards ... it was the longest one ever where I learned a lot about what has happened and what I should expect. One of the cards sounded as though it was telling me off until we read the other description of it : then I felt better. One card was my Mum and there was another that I can't work out - it could fit a couple of people, but I guess I'll find out soon. Then another told me that it will work out if I want it to... apparently not.
Atonement is a film that you should definitely not watch if you are feeling a little heart-achey, it makes you send unwanted text messages which make you feel empty. Unless you have a couple of Stephanie friends to make you feel better - that helps... a lot :)
Wine : blur......

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Back to the beginning

I found someone that I was thinking about the other day out of the blue, how strange.
Those emails continue - but I'm bored now.
I stopped to make my new shelf look pretty for a little while to write, although I should be writing some poetry for my first assignment of this semester ... but I have a bit of a block, the kind when you could stare at the screen for hours thinking that you are thinking when actually you have fallen away into a dream where thoughts don't exist and you feel all floaty, then you realise that it's 00:15 in the morning and all you have had to eat is a tin of tuna. Indeed.
I feel like I'm back at the beginning... when I lived in the old house with all those spiders, maybe they were keeping me company, but I was so scared of them. They would wait untill I was almost sleeping then creep out from behind the furniture and stare at me. We were close to the garden though ... maybe they were just coming in from the cold, because they don't make spider sized coats. We would play this game untill 5:00am ... Then you would come in. Then you didn't come anymore. Those were strange days. But I did this once so I'm sure I can do it again *
bring brrrring!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Funny fruit and bad poetry

On my way, late, to the train sation I stopped to laugh at the little individually priced oranges on a fruit stall In Hackney Central... cute.
I miss the train - as always, but I don't much mind.
There's a little bee flying over the track and I imagine myself really tiny so the bee is huge and its buzz is so loud... then the train comes and Mrs bee flies away : I wonder where she is going, I can't see any flowers anywhere.
Train: packed; Highbury and Islington station: packed; Bus stop: packed...
Bus? Walk? ... I walk: wrong choice, just as I'd set off a bus ran past me: one of those days.
Uni. Hangover. Drama: offended.
And to the cafe to eat a cheeky cheese sandwich shhhhh (I shared it with Stephanie)
The wind was out to annoy me. We talked then laughed at her little fermenting grapes in a bag.
Back to uni and I read a poem I shouldn't have. Stephanie and Kolli knew what it was about... as everyone else was guessing I was hurting.

Monday, 2 March 2009

38 from Soho to Hackney

Today I went to meet Rich, I hadn't seen him in ages! we went to Soho to Couch and ate chips (the biggest pile of chips I'd ever seen) we had to fill them with salt in the end so we didn't eat too many haha. We chatted about how January and February are evil.
After A big glass of rose we went to Cafe Boheme and sat outside: two people asked for change, we got asked for ID (because we look twelve) then we had some more wine.
Time to go : 38 bus ... Stephanie calls and we talk nearly all the way home, I think people who have phone conversations on busses are funny, but there i was.
Home and Lisa is drunk, I am tipsy and Marina is back from work - we go to a pub up the street. Lisa 'playes' the piano then with the dog of the landlord which was cute: he was tiny and black and looked like a little ball of curley fluff with no eyes, like a teddy bear - but he still smelled like dog, so I didn't like him that much.
Then there was a mess.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Fabric flowers and fairy lights

So the intention was to wake up at 10:00 but my mind already knew it was Sunday and couldn't be fooled by any alarm : it made me sleep many more hours * zzzzz
When I did finally manage to peel myself out of bed I was still dreaming and so went through half of the day not really knowing who or where I was ... the TV put my into a trance as I stared at 'Skinny Celebs 2' and drank three glasses of water... I think that my mind momentarily shut down so I didn't have to think about anything that would make me sad or in a mood (a Sunday kind of mood that happens only on Sundays because half of the things in the world don't work that day (including half of me))
I fitted the eyelets into Ladys dress yey! it's finished :) I used so many layers of thick fabric that it stands up all alone like one of the victorian corsets ... I was so pleased I took a photo of it like that : all proud (me or the dress, or both I guess)
Lunch time was soup time and it was yum - later for dinner I cut a billion potatoes with an overly huge knife for home made crisps to go with spinach ... I'm still not drinking coffee (which could account for at least 60% of my morning confusion) or eating cheese ... I'm not feeling any healthier yet and have put back the pounds I lost in the past 2weeks of not really eating much at all apart from said coffee and cheese which makes me really sad, but my skin looks better so we'll see .... I have to cram more green stuff into my system : bring on the BROCOLLI!
It's dark out now, and quiet. Lisa is still online chatting in the other room, Stef is still playing piano and Marina has gone to sleep ... so I came to bed early to sit in my room with my fairy lights and fabric flowers and just be still ... and think.