Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Stall plans, apple lunch and Covent Garden sunshine

Today was the day of my first stall :) it was so lovely, all the other traders were so nice and looked after me ... aww :) the only trouble was that it was the middle of the week so there were not that many people ... looking forward to the summer there though! yey.
So I set up my little stall with magnets holdng on my sheet backdrop, and put all my dresses all pretty - i wasn't really happy about how it turned out - I wanted it to look prettier - but now I have been there once I know how to set it out... the whole day I was planning how to work towards my new stall design :) It will be lovely with photo frames and a wooden sign someone is making me from etsy ... I might not be ablt to make it exactly how I want it for Sunday (the sign is coming from America for a start) but in the next few weeks it will be yummy :) ... can't wait *
I had an apple, a salad and then a homous n carrot sandwich ... mmmm ... I'm trying to eat healthy to make my skin pretty.
It was so cold when I got there at 8:45 but by midday the sun came out and people were without coats and eating ice-creams :) ...

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