Sunday, 1 March 2009

Fabric flowers and fairy lights

So the intention was to wake up at 10:00 but my mind already knew it was Sunday and couldn't be fooled by any alarm : it made me sleep many more hours * zzzzz
When I did finally manage to peel myself out of bed I was still dreaming and so went through half of the day not really knowing who or where I was ... the TV put my into a trance as I stared at 'Skinny Celebs 2' and drank three glasses of water... I think that my mind momentarily shut down so I didn't have to think about anything that would make me sad or in a mood (a Sunday kind of mood that happens only on Sundays because half of the things in the world don't work that day (including half of me))
I fitted the eyelets into Ladys dress yey! it's finished :) I used so many layers of thick fabric that it stands up all alone like one of the victorian corsets ... I was so pleased I took a photo of it like that : all proud (me or the dress, or both I guess)
Lunch time was soup time and it was yum - later for dinner I cut a billion potatoes with an overly huge knife for home made crisps to go with spinach ... I'm still not drinking coffee (which could account for at least 60% of my morning confusion) or eating cheese ... I'm not feeling any healthier yet and have put back the pounds I lost in the past 2weeks of not really eating much at all apart from said coffee and cheese which makes me really sad, but my skin looks better so we'll see .... I have to cram more green stuff into my system : bring on the BROCOLLI!
It's dark out now, and quiet. Lisa is still online chatting in the other room, Stef is still playing piano and Marina has gone to sleep ... so I came to bed early to sit in my room with my fairy lights and fabric flowers and just be still ... and think.

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