Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I said it... and The vintage Fair

We went to The Vintage Fair : there were delights a plenty, so I bought some...
A set of mix and match 'Love' Scrabble Rings and an old mink Butterfly brooch

This Look on

Tales from The Treehouse
Too many pillows and not enough, lined up fluff.
Movie in the dark then count to see when we can see, what we can see.
..Buns and words and love.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Pretty Prints from the Woodlands...

... I finally bought a couple of prints from one of my favourite artists...

Tales From The Treehouse

I bought one for him, because I like him. I'm the bunny. One day, on my future walls will be this and more art/prints, on another will be butterflies, dragonflies and moths... curiosities beyond; A place to fall away, be and dream, it's not about stuff, or having, but about whatever it wants to be, a secret place to share: beautiful. Because maybe, if it's even possible to stop ourselves from being attached to others, another, on one, the one, we are left with just ourselves, be everything, anything all at the same time, not being able to even give, all the while saying nothing, it's heavy, like one of those dreams where your feet can't run and your voice stays inside. Maybe then we revert back and keep going until were living in a dolls house or a fort in a field. Even if they aren't real places and just in our minds. Both are the same and I'm afraid I'd rather ... no, I'm just afraid. My fish can't breathe, the line won't catch, the bread sinks to the bottom and everyone is hungry.


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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Jack and Jill... fell down a hill...

Jack and Jill dresses now in my etsy shop with matching Knits
* Location Photos by Twitch Photos *

Tales from the Treehouse...

There was a fire outside the house of boats, bands music and a film all going at what seemed to be once, said the bottle of cocktail. Couldn't move away far enough, my face : melting chairs... then it was the next day and we missed it because we changed the speed of time. It was light for only 5 minutes and we could see each other the whole time. Another night, next night, slowly, there was a man made from pure sinew and banjo juice... my brain was lost but I was there, I know that because my hangover ate a whole pizza. Today a day of knitting and photos with room for Frozen Planet where penguins speed up time too - we must be penguins. Adventure time tomorrow/today/later...

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Girl of my Dreams... Lula

* Polaroid From Lula Magazine Issue 2 *

* Cover print from Lula Magazine issue 1 *

One day walking through eBay I came across an A5 Kirsten Dunst embellished Lula Advertisement postcard from 2007, I was trying to get another Lula fix after I'd bought all the back issues I had previously missed, so I bought it and cyber-bumped-into Becky Smith, the creative director of Lula up until issue 8, we got to talking and now I have lots of Lula goodies arrive in the post, some of which are these prints and polaroids that now live on my wall. I'm a happy bunny and so is my wall...

* 3 more Lula Polaroid out-takes *
More tales from the treehouse:
Pool in a favourite unlikely haunt and there's me and there's you and we're talking about things that matter and I'm happy. I won't try to keep the pirate that wants to run away to play in fields in the dark with twigs for breakfast, as much as I'd like to - because that would be selfish. I do like mornings now though and falling asleep and all the things we do in between. Witness me fall. But not stupidly this time, not blindly, just completely.

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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Horses, Some With Bells On...

Pretty new pics by Twitch Photos of my Unicorn and Carousel Horse Dresses

...As I try to not hope I stop to think, and then stop thinking. Maybe this is fleeting, like what they say about ships, but with less of the innuendo, or perhaps more, whichever way it's looked at from. At least it stops the stress of wondering, because this way there's nothing to wonder about. There's just the now, the bit they say we should live for, but sometimes, secretly, I think in that time and I hope. It's not healthy.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Too Much Cake... and eating it all

There was far too much cake at our tea party, the paper hearts on the walls
kept falling too.... on top of the sleeping pigeons...

* Tea Party Dresses now in my shop *

I was back for a while and fell down the well at last, at least, I'd been thinking about it for a while. I think I'm sad to come back in a way as I was sad to leave at first and now I truly am in two places two minds too much. I'm fine everywhere now though which is nice. I'll go back whenever I'm not here and be here when I'm not back, maybe that is perfect after all. There will still be a pretty house- wherever I am. My room follows me around and the other night it was filled with you. Tonight we turned the windscreen to paper; painted with the tips of our fingers. Followed the short cat and left too soon... I will watch Wonders of the Solar System now... and maybe fly.