Friday, 6 March 2009


...Comes from the Latin word procrastinatus: pro- (forward) and crastinus (of tomorrow).
: Because there too many things today happening inside, I will do everything tomorrow... I will make a list... to stop further delaying. ;)
I noticed a pet shop close by that I had never seen before - there was a little dog house sitting outside (a pretty one which looked like a tiny real house) I will buy it ... and that is where my big bunny will sleep when she doesn't want to run around my room anymore for the day... or maybe she could sleep with me ... *bunny bunny bunny*
When I got in I had a discussion (that is what you call them when they aren't fun) then I put on all my little lights on, and Innocence Mission, and I fell asleep inside my own little world where everything stopped to exist : blank. It was the most deep sleep I had ever been in - I think I left my body and met with someone else who made me feel better - I wish I knew who they were.
The coffee strike has officially ended, and it ended like a firework show, with a record 4 in an hour : bang.
Ebay: Kunzite found in a rock, I really want it to add to my collection. I was reading its properties and healing benefits and it seems to be shouting me... bid.
My dummy is staring at me - she wants me to make her a dress because ahe is cold... tomorrow.

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a faerie finder said...

hope you are doing better petal.
i love the rock!
i think we should collect all the rocks in the world
but just store them in a giant quarry.
what do you think?
or we could just go to the V&A :)
and maybe sneak over to the natural history museum
for ROCKS.