Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Still life...

Pink & Black 

... I like that song... Caroline, I think...
so I made some things, all Pink and Black and Stained with Tea
attached millions of beads and frills and shiny bits
dyed by hand... stamped them too with butterflies...

So come see my shop all filled up :

Some have already gone, flown away and found some homes, so be quick, or just wait a week or so, because then there will be more, not the same though; One Of A Kind, but just as new and just as Wonderland... I think the next batch will be of White and Cream and Tea Stain with Pearls... but we shall see... I'll aim for this Wednesday coming I think.

I've found a new favourite thing to do:
Dream about all the pretty things I'll buy
And put in place in a little house
All lovely and perfect

Here are two little collages I made, they are my best so far.  I found all the delights in Etsy Land - if you'd like to know the details, where they came from and how/where to buy, go take a sneaky peek at the 'Items I Love' section via my etsy profile, or here:

These weeks I've finally gotten inspiration; it's come back again, or at least I can hear it now, or see it, whichever... and all the lovely things I find will keep the dark away, like magic.

Pretty Painting by 
Willem Van Aelst

and I like it a lot it's inspired me and many more
it seems, come see; all over Etsy

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.


There are more delights too from Instagram World
I've seen Ellen Rogers work before and
I'm completely in love with it
So you should go and have a look and see:

And also come follow me:

Here's a photo I recently posted there... I'm posting things there
as I go... so if you'd like to see my items in the making
sneak peeks and behind the scenes snaps, but also diary
shots and regular shoot photographs that's where
they will be, there and then on my Facebook page:

Tales from The Treehouse

There was a caterpillar in my broccoli today.  He played dead.  'How do you do?...' he was smaller than that one though, and bright green... I wonder what kind of butterfly he will be... one of those white ones I think with black spots on that rest on cabbages.
I'm trying to give up coffee, but it's not going very well... think I'm all fuzzy.  Which is good for inspiration; I really want to make some art, proper painting type art, so I'm going to do it.  Soon.  And a book, another book, but a picture book... with a DVD of all my little films and more...
I'm going to paint all the walls too, and cover them in stuff, framed stuff.  I'll find all that on Etsy, because I may as well, as I live there mostly.