Thursday, 26 March 2009

Busses, travel, gig and bed

We woke up and I didn't have a hangover which was nice... we watched hangover tv though: Paris Hiltons BBF hehe...
I had to get home because I have to make pretty things... I got on a bus and had no idea where I was going ... it took a while and I ended up in waterloo and saw the London Eye the closest I ever have, which is strange as I live in London but you know how it goes. I hid behind my big glasses all the way home untill I saw everyone coming back my way ... supposed to go to that gig tonight: Marlene Kuntz... but because of what has happened I thought I shouldn't... but I do like them, so I decided to go anyway. I had to sort out my face though : I was a mess.
The gig was lovely... beautiful.
But I felt as though I'd met Lisa for the first time : we were that distant. Anyway after the gig we go to that little kabab place that's open 'till three - I can't for the life of me remember what it is called now...
We ate some chips.
I smoked.
I stared at the stars.
I went blank.
I spent the rest of the night day dreaming... away.
Goodbye and fuzzyness.
Then the cold walk to the bus stop...
and the colder night at home.

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