Thursday, 13 September 2012

Apocalyptic Dolly Tribe...

* Ragdoll Dress *

* Ragdoll Dress * Daisy Dresses *

* Daisy Dress *

* Ragdoll Dress * Daisy Dresses *

* Ragdoll Dress * Daisy Dress *

Clothing & Photography : Flutterbydaisy
Hats : UTHA Hats MUA & Model : Sophie Cash
Models : Betty Banzai, Polly and Kim.

* Daisy Dress *

* Daisy Dress *

* Daisy Dress *

* Daisy Dresses * Ragdoll Dress *

Matching Flower Headdresses, Hair Clips and Rings coming soon...


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

End of The Road...

Tales from The Treehouse

At the End of The Road we played...
laid in the grass, 
Day one, and I miss him already.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

A little bit Goth...

* Daisy Dress *

* Fairy Dress *

Clothing: Flutterbydaisy Photography: Danniella Jaine
Model & MUA: Liv F Free Hair Accessories: Rouge Pony
Jewellery: Alchemy Gothic

Lovely Elizabeth wrote to me from Alchemy Gothic... she sent me some jewels to photograph; I took them to Danniella of course, where we met the gorgeous Liv.  We must all play together again soon...

In other news... I found a finding hiding at a market stall from back in time; An old record of Nursery Rhymes - lots of ideas came and I will explain them all soon, after they're made.  Shhhh....

Tales From The Treehouse

I was not mine, I saw me unrecognised, said the White Rabbit.  They went to play but were led out of the garden, astray... where the birds fight and land pulling up worms from the ground.  It's hard for rabbits to be themselves here especially when the mirror tells secrets and lies.  You must stand your ground, said the Cro, in your own nest though.  Come here no more.  Caw Caw Caw...