Sunday, 29 March 2009

Waffle, friends and a reunion

Today was a lovely day... but it was very very cold. My nose was blue - but it was happy. I got to my stall on time which I didn't expect because I was up all night making stuff. My little suitcase is so noisey being pulled through the quiet morning streets between Tot Court Road and Covent Garden. I like to look inside all the shop windows where all the dummies are excited to see people after a long scary night of being exposed and alone.
At the market the other traders have started to call me Alice in Wonderland which I thought was really cute :)
In the middle of my day Kolli came to visit me ... and we chatted ... then he went away and then came back with the best waffle ever! and he shared it with me and it was YUM.
At the end of my day at the stall the lovely Dom came to visit me and he took a poloroid of me doing some crochet sat at my stall in his hat and we watched it turn funny colours untill I came out clear and looking like a gnome hehe ... then we went for a quick coffee in Starbucks .. we sat outside on the fance because there were too many stairs inside and my back was afraid of them. Then it was time to go home... I'm meeting Luna tonight.
I've not seen her for two years ... but it doesn't feel that long. We go to the pub and talk about everything and catch up and drink some wine...
then there are stars *
nice stars *
to keep.

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