Monday, 31 August 2009

When everything is so blurry it no longer has meaning

Where are all the owls? all the feathers are lost. She can't believe how she cried over them so much when they find it so easy to disappear now - far more easy than she could ever let them go. Why does she feel so lost when she's right there?
The truth is that she doesn't know where she is at all - just keeps finding herself until she runs away again so fast she is blind... other people will find her first then she will be so confused when she wakes up in their world that she wont know who she is again.
She needs to write her own map...
...but she doesn't have any pens.

*** ...Pictures in the dark...

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Inspirations a plenty

I've finished moving all my stuff into the living room, and various other corners of the house, apart from my bed as Lisa promised she would do it with me when she gets up. I'm not too sure when she will get up because lastnight was a wine night... which was actually quite nice, I was happy anyway (and I only had one glass - yey me) it was nice because the bats were birds all night. For some reason I was so inspired his morning that I started making the top half of the dress I will be wearing for the Maleficent Video Launch, and managed to finish it in an hour, which I impressed myself with. I also made the rag flower to go on a choker (i will be making lots more of these to sell at the show, and I also think that because this dress design has been so successful so far I will be making more of those to sell there too (and after that I shall make some more to sell on my website ... I keep meaning to update my stock on there, but I have been so busy with house stuff that it might not be refreshed until the end of September/August))
Going to go and finish it now before I help to take down my bed and then go to visit David :0)
My Mattress is god:

Friday, 28 August 2009

Where did all those days go?

UF - this time warp is never ending.
Ok... so today my little bird friends kicked me out of my treehouse ... I looked again when the lights were on and it turns out that they are actually bats : big bats. And as you all know these bats aren't like normal ones, they are not at all fluffy - these are the kind that turn into birds when you least expect it - they are nice so your feahers don't get ruffled and then as soon as you trust them or show them even a litle bit of a beaked smile they turn in a squark and squeek out there vile little bat song ... that we can't hear of course because we are birds all the time.
In other words : all my stuff is in the living room, I don't know where I'm moving to and Lisa and Luna are taking over the bedroom as of tomorrow. It doesn't sound as magical when I write it like that ... that's why we should always live in fairy stories.
On a brighter note : David comes back from America tomorrow --- yeynesssss .... missed him a bunch *** Jacket potatoes a the ready soldier ... I'll bring the cheese grater.
I'm going to go into my make shift studio now (the kitchen) and make some necklaces to sell at the Maleficent show ... there will be less dresses and more small pretties because of all the kafuffle, but that means that the dresses that I do actually manage to get made will be more special ;)
'uf my stuffs in bags' .... 'get a grip' says brain.
Then it starts to thunder - this IS a fairy tale.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Sky Pictures

... Today I went to visit Maria, we sat on her terrace, drank wine, listened to tunes, played with the birds, created innner monologues for the people walking past, and watched the sky pictures change ... I also caught a cold.

Salt lamps and firefly shapes

Ignorance would indeed be bliss if I could flip that switch in my head... so instead I've taken a day off life. I've been swimming around in moss and smiling only when I got an email which I told him should have been a telegram.

I feel like when your little and you spin around really fast and it feels great until you stop and realise you've had too much cheesecake.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Tea, buns and vampires with Stephanie

Today I am 5.
I thought I'd sit and play with the butterflies before Stephanie arrives ... I'll pretend I'm anywhere apart from here... and then when she knocks at the door I will get under the bed ... shhhhhh : hide and seek...

Then She came... with buns! - yum!
We have to figure out her website where she will be selling pretty handmade candles ... she makes other lovely stuff too... called 'The Moonchild Garden' and as soon as we have finished the website I'll post the link - you must check it out as it will be lush ; as I said we are being fuelled by tea and cake.
Gossips a plenty followed by the first eppisode of True Blood (I'm trying to turn everyone I know) ...indeed

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The last thing I can buy for a long time ...

... is this chair, and I love it ... £20 : bargain. I have made a green throw from a piece of velvet remnant and bought some olive and gold cushion covers from The RSPCA charity shop for £1 each to go with it. There will be lots of books read (and hopefully written) in my new chair ... and most of my time will be spent in it. I'm very much looking forward to moving and happy that at least my last few magic beans spent before then was on something as lovely as this *
In other news: It was so lovely to see Stephanie yesterday, we watched Twilight, again, and drank yum juice. Have been watching True Blood with David and we are slightly obsessed ... I must read the books when I've finished with Mrs Meyers (I'm having a vampire overload - which has been a long time coming as I didn't really know what to do in all these years with no Buffy ; Buffy cold turkey : so now I'm back on the good stuff : addicted) he is going to America for a week or so and we promised to watch them together so it will be hard to be good, but I will. I also met Simona this morning to buy fabric for some frilly knickers and other lovelies I'm going to sell at her shows for her Maleficent merch - will try to get some made for this Friday in time for the Swindon show which I'm coming along to. So now I'm waiting for someone somewhere to magically appear by my side with some orange juice because I'm parched ... or I could just go to the corner shop.... uf, the trauma. Luna is coming over now so I must go tidy my room .... maybe she will have orange juice?

Monday, 17 August 2009

In The...

... Dolls House, with ever changing tiny settings.


I got a book about the sea... which makes me feel like a mermaid when I look at it, I also went to the Royal Opera House to buy a Sleeping Beauty poster, Romeo & Juliet, and Hamlet postcards - covered in pretty ballerinas * This was all yesterday... today I'm going to see Stephanie for a picnic in the garden...

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Soon, It is all Soon

Even though they are here now ... She is being nice (maybe through guilt, but anywho) and the other might as well not even be here as I have chosen not to see her. Invisible. AND I have painted my fingernails green which makes me smile. So ... I took some photos surrounded with my little heart gifts from the fairy girls, I may make posters of this one, and the other may be the cover of my next It Speaks CD of poetry and pretty noises (that I will make soon I promise ... it will be a solo effort though) I'm also getting busy; I'm lost in red velvet fabric creating special dresses to sell at the Maleficent 'Where the Wild Roses Grow' video launch at Barfly on 2nd September, which is fun - I'll post pics of those dresses soon and a flyer for the event as you all must attend... you get a discount on tickets for arriving with a red rose which I think is cute.
In other news I must go and visit all my other fairy friends --- Jessica and Stephanie I am coming with cherry cake for you both! (I'll go try to find some............*searches cupboards* ; Narnia....)
I feel another reading night coming tonight ... I can't wait to get my reading chair - it's green and fucked up and I love it ... it's an ebay find though so cross your fingers and hope I win, if I do I shall let you sit in it ...
Wish he would come to save me. But there are no white horses in Hackney ... or Holloway. I'll have to be saved on Saturday instead. *...waits...sings....*

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

My Temporary Fairy Cave

I'm not going to live here for long now ... but I decided that seeing as it will be just mine untill the end of August that I should make it the prettiest it can be, and then I will be happy inside it reading, writing, sleeping and thinking - and will therefore feel less inclined to be driven completely insane by the looming events of my not too distant future (Thursday to be precise)

I also decided that in order to wipe clean all wrongdoings and past life I should dye my hair back to how it was three years ago: Now I feel much happier in my own little world with my own ... hair. This slate is well and truly ready for a new piece of chalk - a green one.

Awesome ... plus it's grown a lot which is nice : my aim is Rapunzel. I must finish the rest of New Moon now, my Mum, Josh and Glen came to visit for a week or so - so I have had no time to read (apart for that little space before you go to sleep where your eyes are all a blur, which is frustrating) We all had a lovely time by the by.
I also bought myself some black notepaper and a white pen which is where I shall finish my book about the magpies ... I will get lost there.
... One last thing before I vanish : I got a lovely surprise gift in the post from two beautiful butterfly girls who are trapped in a dorm ... and they indeed made me feel a whole lot happier ... just when I needed it - they must be magic fairy girls ***

Monday, 10 August 2009

Pass me that Paddle

I have a boat ... I made it from giant leaves in the forest I ran away to. I escaped it, it took me a while, but I found my way out - there was a clearing they showed me (those evil fairies) I didn't listen and hacked my own way through the undergrowth... now I'm out, here, with my little boat and I'm fashioning a paddle to make my way to you.....................