Monday, 28 June 2010

Brief Encounters

Found some bunny postcards in The British Museum ... one by Albrecht Durer. I bid on a vintage postcard of his Hare study which had been written on and posted once upon a time - can't wait to get it and see when it's dated. I wont be able to understand the message mind you as it is in German. But it looks pretty, going to frame him. The other postcards were of the Flopsy Bunnies; illustrations from the Beatrix Potter series. I also bought myself a mini netbook so I can transfer my book onto it and start writing out and about... first destination: Regents Park. I know I'm being a little bad as I'm still saving for my deposit, but this brings about good in a ying yang kind of way as I'll be making more frilly dresses for you :) (well that's how I'm justifying it to myself anyway) After our brief encounter with the bunny section at the museum we went to Habitat where I fell in love with a sofa named Louis, and Maria almost bedded a sheepskin rug (which she later bought)

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunny, starry and all that's inbetween...

On the train back down to London I counted all the bunnies ... there were 31 (I didn't count the blurry ones as I sometimes couldn't work out if they were in fact bunnies but rocks) Hull was nice, apart from being told that someone wasn't looking forward to seeing me because 'I'm into girls' - she didn't even want to stand next to me. It's strange that people can still feel this way; when I have children I'm definitely going to bring them up to be open minded and lovely, it's only fair. It's such a shame because I was actually looking forward to seeing them, but anyway - I'm sure she will come around and realise that I am not going to rape her, I'm not a monster and she can't catch sexualities by contact. I just wish everyone could be lovely... the world would be such a pretty place if everone was lovely :) anywaaaay ... It was so nice to spend time with Mum and the fam ... we went to Nanas and Grandads and they were listening to Glenn Miller and dancing around the kitchen, telling us that back in the day they used to be able to clear a dancefloor ... Grandad showed me old photos that I hadn't seen before where he looked like Bob Dillan and Nana looked like Audrey Hepburn. So beautiful. I shall have him send me some of the scans on disk so I can share them with you.
When I got back to London I went to Lunas and we had a good gossip and lots of hugs - I missed her a lot... and then when I got home there was a packet waiting for me - Andrea from Italy had sent me a camera as a gift : there are lovely people out there you see - going to go buy him something to say thank you, and get someone else a gift to pass on the good Karma and keep it moving ... today is a nice day, going to go meet Maria now in Camden for coffee - and take some new photos of stuff ...
My little brother took this photo of me by the way ... and titled it 'tired sister'...

Monday, 21 June 2010

Walking on Water

On the busy train up to Hull (after I fell asleep on my arm and then woke back up again with a rubbery hand to find that everyone around me had gone - odd) I began to read 'Mr Vertigo' by Paul Auster... I found it in Oxfam when I was working there one day down in the basement and bought it for £2. It's not something that I would usually pick up, which is why I picked it up. It is strange, a little but whimsical and slightly dark... it makes me a tad uneasy and also makes me smile. I read a little more sitting here in the garden... The sun is heavy and lovely and there are the biggest bees I have ever seen here - you wouldn't think that they were supposed to be becoming extinct if you were here with me. I have Classic FM playing loud and fuzzy in the background ... I feel as though a should have a giant sprinkler and a bunch of friends with me in floppy hats and Summer dresses...

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Mouse; Good : Plastic; Bad

Went into the kitchen for snacks and it's The Day Of The Triffid crazy in my garden - the leaves of the tree that is nearly knocking on the back door are feet long... going to pluck one and press it in something heavy ...
... I found this print on Etsy and think it is darling I will buy some prints soon to fill my new living room when I get one. I also found a chais lounge on ebay for £20 but I'm being so good and not buying anything 'till I've moved which I hope to have done sometime within the next few months... but this little field mouse needs to come home with me one day, yes please. I found him here ( )
I'm going through a whole clear out stage, I got rid of two bags of stuff I'd horded earlier; my room was filled with dust monsters so I have been sneezing all day. I like tidy - think I'm going to buy some of those cardboard CD covers from Muji (I heart Muji) and do a transfer - I want to get rid of all the plasticy things around me...
Have decided, in other news, to sell my camera - she has a stuck mirror... I feel sad about it, but it's ok she has had enough of me and I have been cheating on her anyway with a younger model... she's called Diana Mini and I will buy her soon... she takes 35mm and makes photos look like stills from The Virgin Suicides and I've had enough of digital photography anywho (guess I can still keep my little ancient Olympus in a drawer, just incase)
On a train tomorrow - Hull again. Got a wedding to go to and some hanging out with the fam to do :)

Thursday, 17 June 2010


I watched The Delicious Miss Dahl explain to me that she fantasises over Buffalo Mozzarella while all the technology in my room broke down in a fit. The TV has always been broken and manages to stay on even when I've pushed the off button, but on top of this my phone went to sleep my laptop did a funny blue screen thing and then my camera exploded in the middle of my mini photoshoot. I am not a happy bunny. Obviously aliens came by my window - this is the only rational explination, that or just everything decided not to like me today or thought if they went to sleep or broke then I would finally give up to and go to bed... it is 4am afterall. But I really wanted to put my new knitted top and frilly rara skirt in my etsy shop; I managed to take one photo and it was this one and even it is blurry.
Anyway apart from all of this - earlier on Dom came to visit and we went for a long walk up Highgate Hill, stopped off to see some kittens, had a coffee, meandered round the park... and on our way back saw a Golden Retriever sitting outside of Tesco attached to a post looking as though he was appologising for being a dog. It was possibly one of the cutest things I've seen all week. I'm going to go count sheep now ... wish I lived in the countryside and everything inside my house was made of old things that smelled of vintage bookshelves...

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Called by the antiques shop

I was on my way to buy chicken after Luna said I should eat better instead of living on Rice Krispies and I was called by something inside the Antiques Shop... I thought it could have been the big red velvet and dark wood chair that was baking in the heat of outside at first, either because it was too hot, or it wanted to join my other chairs (since my little colection became famous this side of Holloway Road) but it turned out not to be the chair at all, so I went inside. I always find lovely things here, once a victorian parasol and another time a very old old map of Yorkshire. I found a little book of Whitby in there, but that was not what I wanted... what was shouting me was the cutest Lucky Rabbits Foot I have ever seen... and the stone on it looks like amethyst, which is my birth stone, so it was meant to be so I bought him and took him home. He is sitting on my book shelf now with a key that took my eye on my way out and the prettiest dressmaking scissors that Simona and Jason bought for me. Today I am happy and everything is lovely... as was my chicken dinner.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Camden Rabbit Hunt

Met up with Hannah today and we found this pretty awesomly grotesquely pretty bunny painting for only £1 ... it will be happy on my new living room wall, when I have a new living room wall.
The tea shop was our place of gossip and place to eat amazing sandwiches ... I have so many things to share with you too I think, maybe, maybe not, but I guess I can't do any of that yet... I'm sure it will all work out for the best, whatever the outcome of my (mis)adventures in lands of wonder...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Singing for the Swans

I travelled all the way across London and past Richmond today to meet up with Stephanie. It's been far too long since we have seen each other and I missed her so much! we had a lovely day that started in the garden - we bought some horrible juice too, trying to be healthy, but is gave us both allergies before we gravitated into Waterstones... and then we ventured out to see the swans and deer in the park, which was a task... there was an evil swan stealer man on the bridge and all the deer were hiding because mean boys were playing football... so we fed the ducks. Over another little bridge we found Mr Swan; he came close so we could take pics - he was not shy, then we went home for soup and to play with all the technology because I forgot my wool...
At home again and I managed to stay awake 'till 8am - I'm sure this is not normal behavior for people who aren't owls.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Up on the...

I went to go sit on my roof. I lost myself on the roof. But also had a chance to clear my head on the roof. I got chased off of the roof, by a wasp.
I thought it best not to call anyone ... sometimes you just need to be by yourself to think. Maybe all the way up there alone is not the best place to go to think about everything you have ever done wrong - but its gutsy I guess. Well I'm back down here in my room now so my meeting with myself must have gone well :) there are a lot of people I should forget about ... and a few people out there that I will meet one day... I don't know who any of these people are but I'm going to work it out on my next roof top visit. But for now I'm going to go get myself some ice-cream.

Friday, 4 June 2010

The Sparrow

He wasn't in my dream this time; he paces along my window ledge and preens minding not who else is watching. He belongs in the orange tree at the end of my garden, but likes to tell me how happy he is standing here outside my window. I dream about letting him into my room to fly around... and now, here in the daylight I open my window. Later he will sit back in his orange tree, singing the songs he sang to me...