Monday, 16 March 2009


Wow today is a lovely day ... I go out to he corner shop to buy some grub to fuel my third frantic sewing day in a row... and I am amazed with the sun, I don't know if it because in my house we always have the curtains drawn or because it has just not been sunny like this for a while.
I really want to walk around the park opposite, it's full of deer... but I can't today because I'm so busy... and I'm half dressed in my pyjamas.
Jam covered crumpets ... yum
I watch Oprah for the first time ever and it makes me cry, there's a young lady who has cancer but she has completely changed her life and become really positive - I can't explain it... she just radiates goodness, she wrote a book called 'crazy, sexy cancer' (I think that's the correct title)and I really want to read it just because she is so lovely and could teach us all a lesson about the point(s) of/in life...
More sewing ... more upliftedand slightly in awe of the world.

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