Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Fell in the Flowers again...

Flutterbydaisy Mini Shoot the Churchyard amongst the flowers...
Olive and Tea Stained Sweetheart Dress and Pixie Top
a custom order for a Petal ... order either in your
size and chosen colour(s)

... I've been away a while; it's better to be back
new Dresses/Accessories/Shoots/Blogs
all coming very soon and regularly ...
If you'd like to collaborate get in touch with me, pop by 
to my computer screen for a virtual picnic with tea, cake and magic beans:
Being back inside my own mind means I've been back in Etsy Land finding lots more lovely things to share with you all... here's some bits and bobs I found that reminded me of Aqua Marine and Rose Quartz... and what would my blog be without a bunny or two thrown in for good measure?...

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

I've also been happily lost in the world of Instagram
...follow me from here :
to keep track of frills I post before I hang them up my my Etsy wardrobe
and to see all the beautiful photos I see that inspire me...

(above) My latest Inspiration:

Tales From the Treehouse

...and a long time it's been from here too and then I found myself and then here, somewhere I've never been before, before the thing I thought wasn't so true. But now it's all gone different and new, sometimes upside-down, but always love.

< 3

and so it will be, 
forever keeping the waves from going up my nose and drowning me, 
I'll survive, or die trying.


irina said...

Thank you for adding my cardigan in this beautiful blog post!!!


Jason P Gray said...

Wonderful to read that you're content & creative again.

Natanya Louise Waybourne said...

Hello @irina - I love it so much! thank you for the inspiration :) <3

Natanya Louise Waybourne said...

Thank you @Jason, sending you lots of love Xx

Gaby De la O said...

This is so beautiful and dreamy! love the dress!!!!!!

Natanya Louise Waybourne said...

@Gaby - thank you Petal <3