Monday, 11 March 2013

Feathers Plucked and Magic Gone...

Given to The Wild
... Danniella took the girls into the wilderness in Flutterbydaisy frills ...
and they all danced to the sounds of the sea

Photography : Danniella Jaine
Clothing & Knits : Flutterbydaisy
Accessories : Rouge PonyJewellery : Native Feathers
Models : Natalie Philips, Chloeanna Daisy, Miss Jenna

Pixie Tops and Pixie Skirts
Made to measure in your size and choice of colour 
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A journey, one filled will everything, even things we don't wish...
but here are some things you may, from Etsy Land :

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Tales From The Treehouse

The Sparrow, the owl ... in fact all those birds have left the treehouse, I can still hear them singing - but very faint now.  She once spoke of her cage she caught with tips of wings and sang so quiet he could not hear.  The girl is with you - she used to sing in your place but has now been silenced; a quiet has fallen, crushed berries, and the end is no longer there.  She fell.  She fell again and fainted, she might never wake up now stuck between awake and nothing, nothing more of frills and tales and reflections of peacock magic only a feather bed is left and she clings to it so hard it may turn back to silk in her hands, trickle through the gaps like all the rest and be gone.  No pity no longer - just leave her, she brought it all on herself.