Thursday, 20 October 2011

The photographer stole my breath: they do that sometimes

I came across :
and now I'm in love
Go see her work because it's beautiful...

Last night I stayed awake until this morning. It started with a loose end and finished with my camera remote. I customise things now more than before. Up-cycle. Outfit on LookBook, Garments on Etsy. Seven places at the same time non have meaning, and my head spins.... I'm also in the middle of joining Model Mayhem - as Photographer/Fashion Designer. Not sure if it will find me more prettiness in the world to collaborate with, but we shall see. That word just got stuck; sometimes people aren't what they say... recently, sneaky, bleak. But let's not talk about that now. I was wondering about acquaintances too : there are many he said... then sent me a photo of the sky where I got lost before. But not friends he said. I get it I said. he said I said. We said. Then I stopped talking. I should go next week, unsure why. Either and both the same until I make things up, believing them gets me into trouble. A song just came on; I was five again. Impossible, then sad. I want to get lost in the sky for real, but for now my room is what will keep me; there's no-one in there and right now I like that.


Kristen said...

I love the colors in those photos. :)

Here's to hoping any bleak things are replaced by good ones.

Also, I got a dress from you in the mail today! I'll be wearing it or another one from you for a photoshoot in the next couple of weeks. They're both gorgeous - thank you ^.^

Natanya said...

Hello Kristen <3
* Thank you * ... things are staring to look a little less bleak at the moment, but I shan't speak too soon because that's when things tend to turn upside down again... al topsy-turvy...
Hope everything is beautiful in your world ... I cannot wait to see your photos!
Love and bunnies x x x x x x