Thursday, 30 April 2009

I Wonder, we wonder

Because me and Stephanie are both late we arrived fifteen minutes late at the same time. The tube station was crowded but we kept in touch via text in the little windows of signal on the tube; send failed, re-end, sent.
We walked through the staion at the wrong side and ended up walking around in a little circle, a man said 'gorgeous' but he was a gnome. He stopped. We smoked.
A lovely meal in an Italian place that I can't remember the name of ... gnocci; yum. She is pretty and we talk about pretty things, in a pretty place.... perfect.
Maybe the V&A will be closed? but we make it on time; a labyrinth of painted faces, patty eating dogs and beautiful dresses ... there are also amazing columns and crypts that are too big to have descriptons... and there was, in between the vintage dresses, a pink velour track suit (?) yes, I know, I don't get it either. Ah well ... I bet it felt more out of place than I thought it was.
A sign ---- to the theatre section! via the jewels ... a necklace made of shiney grapes? a cameo of a men peeing? ... but also tiaras and crowns made of fairy stones and amber coral.
We found the theatre! we are at the ballet! and then the man tells us we must leave... they're closing. Why did it take so long to find and yet we found our way back to the real world in ten seconds?
Too late to buy some stones from the Natural History Museum ... next time, and from the 1st May (I think) will be a butterfly house which we simply must attend ... to dance amongst the flutters.
The cinema is not showing Coroline yet, so we find a place to have some coffee... theres a pretty place that is the colour of whipped cream inside, but it is full; only three tables ... we know we belong in there .. uf.
We end up in an occult book shop. There are fairy books and photos of unicorns, but inside is darker. There's an event. We will have to go back, to buy a special book *
Jacket potato.
I walk past the cast of Lion King on the way to the cash machine which was surreal.
A drink, cig rolling game and talking ... then we are lost.
Charing x.
One up, one down...
Wish we could have gone back to the fairy tea shop; I think there were bunnies under the table....
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Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Lots of things...

So ... I have been away too long this time. So many things have happened - too many to think about let alone write.
There were split ups, arguements, lies, cheating ... but there were also bunnies, friends, crushes and flutters.
I guess everything has cancelled everything else and now I am happy - it's strange how that happens sometimes...
Me and Lisa will be good friends after all of this for sure : I can see it for our future *
Let's just talk about the lovely things; I think the other things can only be written about in my other blog ... that's where those feelings belong ... the ones I can only explain in this way to myself.
I went to see a ballet with Luna, it was so beautiful, the music was very quiet so you could hear all the pretty ballerinas shoes hitting the floor; cute. Giselle is beautiful. The second half is magical... Wish Stephanie could have been there too, but they were still in America so they gave us their tickets ... but we shall definately go to see a ballet together soon *
I went to the cafe yesterday after university with Steph and Kolli and I found a little flyer for a beautiful ballet which is called 'Angels in the Architecture' looks so pretty ... can't wait! *
(wish they didn't think I was crazy)
Had a funny time at university yesterday, turns out my LEA didn't pay my fees and they wouldn't let me in - but I made it via the back door ... shhh, don't tell anyone ;)
I met Anne, my project tutor and it turns out that she is really happy with what I am writing for this book : I smiled all the way home...
Stephanie came with me to pick up my new baby giant bunny too ... she made a video and put it on her blog :)
* ... Bunny Love ... *
Went out with Luna to Cafe Boheme .. we were suposed to just have some dinner but had too much wine instead .. hehe ... had a lovely time though (if it wasn't for all the scary annoying men that were falling all over us all the time : think there was something in the boys toilets - funny air or something...)
Went for a meal with Maria .. it was yum ... loves Taro, it's the best. Then we went to The Edge where the music was way too loud and there was a woman dancing badly by herself the whole time; funny : that's what too many drugs do.
Went to see Snowbirds first gig ...
So beautiful...
...The spotlight is still on *
I have something else to say ... but it gets stuck in my throat.
So I must go stroke my bunny, and clean the house, and watch some TV ... am quite tempted to find the repeat of Britains next top model because Jade is too cute: Loves her...

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

I need me a bunny

My eyes have gone all crossed as I've been on photoshop all day and then I updated my website and then did some writing and sewing - uff - I don't feel as though I have been busy at all though ... how is that so?
Everyone was out of the house ... so it was very quiet.
I need me a bunny to love and hug :) I'm saving all the things I need to buy for it on my computer and as soon as I get my student loan I will run down to the pet shop as fast as ... well.... a rabbit I guess