Thursday, 19 April 2012

Trading Butterflies for Dreams...

* A Rouge Pony Head Dress for a Flutterbydaisy Dress *
Karins photos : herself / Mine : Danniella Jaine
write to me if you fancy a frilly trade :)

...More pretty things from Rouge Pony...


Tales From the Tree House

I'll buy it and it will be pretty, have wheels and go places far away; on travels and adventures and maybe you will come and we will discover things under rocks and live there in the middle, we write and create stuff and loll, stare at the sky then go there, we or just me or both. I've been here for a while and sometimes I need to do that to re-figure my brain; give it a shake, makes me go away which is needed and now I'm back but not to the same place, needed again. A house on a hill and wheels and all in between are nice dreams but no-one knows what will happen. I just know what I don't want and I know I always say that, but at least this time a deeper part of me means it not just the top layer that's not sure of anything including which half of the sandwich to eat first (not a metaphor) I can't wait for all those things you've wrote to me about earlier and before... I can't wait 'till tomorrow... I can't wait for my wheels - and my real ones.


Amy said...

oh wow, I love those pictures. I am a huge fan of Karin's blog... and I discovered your work through her! I really love the dreamy outfits that you make!

Karin (Wunderlust) said...

beautiful dream girl, I still cant get over my dress...I LOVE it so much

I hope we can meet in the future for a lovely photo project

Natanya said...

@Amy Thank you petal, just had a look at your blog and your dresses are the sweetest - also in love with the Monarch Butterfly hair comb in your shop : keep being lovely xxx

@Karin - I love the photos you sent to me of you skipping in your new Flutterbydaisy frills! <3 ... can't wait to meet you, play in the fields and make our video! xxx