Saturday, 28 February 2009

Love : a funny thing ... but the drawers are good

Lisa and Marina came back from Berlin this morning. I got up really early for some reason, which was good in a way because I caught the post man before he does what he normally does and leaves all my packages in the hole in the fence next door. I got a rose garland and my lovely new little blue crystal - it's magic I can feel it. Then I had a really long shower where I pretended to be under a tropical waterfall... the heat made my eyes go funny and I saw stars.
The cold-turkey-no-coffee-for-me thing is driving me slightly up the wall - I have a huge headache.... ouch, but that is not what hurts me the most.
Lisa was like a zombie cos of travels and so went to bed and stayed there for most of the day while I did some sewing for Ladys dress (I'm running so late! - but I've almost finished now - it just needs eyelets and by the time that needed to be done it was too late to bang with my hammer for the neighbours : they may have come down with lit torches on the rampage)
She says something I don't want to hear.
Then to escape my life for a little while me and Marina began our chest of drawers making journey which lasted a lot longer than what it says it should in the manual ... but we had lots of fun 'till the end when we were doing everything so fast we were pretending to be builders : turning those shelf bottoms with the ease of a ... pike? anywho - love the drawers even though they are hugerererer than she expected.
All this housey stuff makes me want one of my own to fill with pretty cushions, lace and magical things, and of course little bits of fluff ;)

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a faerie finder said...

just a bit though.. just a liiiitttle bit.
you are pretty carpenters!