Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Ballet day for RINAS! :)

Don't know what to wear ... not been to dance class in years, I remember when I was there : was the happiest time of my life. So ... what the F do I wear?
A bed full of clothes ... mostly stretchy.
Stephanie calls .... excited!
then Alex calls, not talked to him in ages, was supposed to call him back the other day but I was getting ready for the train to go to Brighton, and then when I got home I got lost from telephone calls. He is coming down to visit with his girlfriend - can't wait to see him and meet her :)
and... to wear?
Ok I figured it out ... and it's pink and grey. Yes.
Ballet day! we check out the shop and there's a little lady that sounds like a retired teacher of the strict variety. It's too late to buy shoes, or anything else for that matter.
We get shown the studio, wish it was in my house.
Then the teacher arrives and we start our class, i'm so happy, love dancing, even though I remember I used to be good at it (before I discovered wine, 'spiders', cigs, and girlfriends) wish I could go back in time.
This is my second real sign.
The class is over so fast, it doesn't feel as though we have been here for an hour.
We wobbly walk to the coffee shop that's closing, then to sainsburys for green stuff, then some shops and coffee shop ... coffee .... YUM.
Bright Eyes ... Stephan Gately?? What?? anywho...
gossip... :)
Then it's home time, eek it's dark, but I'll be brave.
Mum calles me on the bus, asks me if I'm eating ... which is such a Mum thing to do :) hehe ... my Mum is the lovliest in the WORLD.
Home ... it's empty (apart from Poppy of course)
TV? why not. Juice? definately.


rainbow mummies said...

ballet is fun i miss it ^__^

a faerie finder said...

*rinas dance on the sky*