Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Time Warp Trips around with you...

Tales From The Treehouse

... were nicer than everything else; following the white rabbit to magic mini bars, we're late! we're late! getting lost through the wardrobe drinking fuzziness, making concoctions... venturing down was like an old boat where the film was showing just on time before the dark came and they started to dance, we dance too. Coffee, coffee and more coffee... and then it started to snow, we couldn't play though; we left our snow boots at home. Everyone was there and no magpie came, no note on foot, he didn't want to warn us of anything at all; there's a first time for everything... wherever we ended up was sparkly even when it wasn't, because that's how it is now and it's much better than anything that came before. London didn't leave even when we did... we found our own northern lights that are just the same, and brighter. We found a back in time tea room, with a piano, and the Ballet was a dream, though not as deep as the ones I've seen, but I'll take you there, don't worry. At least the orchestra were all dreaming along, off beat but swaying. In my bag just now I found this little green potion bottle I bought when we were lost in the antiques hiding hole, I put it on my shelf, it's waiting for more curious bits and bobs I'll collect and find in all the following tomorrows. Home and a whole day went by in a second... a really long second, one of the best seconds I've ever spent. Feels strange now I had to put a pillow there. love.
1. Calloh Callay, London; 2. The Artist; 3. Betty's Tea Room, York; 4. Moscow City Ballet, Swan Lake, York Barbican; 5. One of my Magic Shelves.

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