Saturday, 5 December 2009

Hide and Seek with the Cat

3:20 in the morning ... my laptop is burning. But I did get to play games with Archie the Cat today. He was my photographer and we played on the stairs. He won all the games. He is good at games because he is still a kitten, kind of. I think I'm still a kitten too though, that's why we understand each other. I held a pink ribbon for him to GET and he liked that ... but he couldn't return the favour, because he has no fingers and can only do one of two things: push or GET. There were a couple of hours when we were the only kittens in the house... but I wasn't doing that annoying cognative thing I usually do when I'm in on my (semi)own, that 'if this was a horror film I would get murdered right about now (a lesson learned too late: don't under any circumstances, no matter how 'cool' it is, force yourself to watch cheesey horror films under the age of 8) because Archies fluff made me fell better. He did not make Marias chair feel better though - he likes velvet apparently, pink ribbons and velvet,.. so I moved the chair into the sanctuary that is my room. If you stepped inside my room about now I wouldn't blame you for thinking I had some kind of fantastic chair fettish; the room is quite small and 90% of it is either a bed or a chair (of which there are 4, for the time being) they are all very nice chairs and keep my own two chairs company, so if their owners don't take them back home sometime soon I am going to start some sort of court battle where I will obviously get sole custody of all the chairs.

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Gordon said...

That new photo at the top is the best 'profile' photo I've ever seen.