Thursday, 1 March 2012

A box of Moths...

This Luna Moth now lives on my wall, it came from a long time ago and ended up wrapped in brown paper... from him to me on my birthday; butterflies everywhere...
I made a dress inspired by all the moths I've seen recently, including the box of moths I felt in my insides... and hung it in my shop


The prettiest images from the latsest issue of LOVE Magazine:

I also fell in love with these creatures... made by Mister Finch ( go take a peek: more magical embroidered taxidermy treats inside... some of these moths told me, they whispered, they want to live on my walls too,...

Tales from The Treehouse
Turned out my mind made it's own mind up and went with it. It told me what had happened when it hadn't, told me what to think when I knew it was wrong. I've decided not to listen anymore... not when it goes fuzzy like that and doesn't know who it is or where it wants to be or what it wants to do. Wish I could switch it off sometimes, apart from now because its fuzzing nice fuzzes; tuned out, like a radio between stations not thinking of anything at all past my next sleep where I know now I will dream of lovely things, now I'm happily less of thoughts, happy.


Iris said...

You are so pretty as always sweetie! Butterflies are so beautiful, I think:).
Here is my new blog address by the way-->
Have a lovely day dear,

Amalia T said...

Lovely blog <3
you are so beauty

Natanya said...

<3 xx