Saturday, 29 August 2009

Inspirations a plenty

I've finished moving all my stuff into the living room, and various other corners of the house, apart from my bed as Lisa promised she would do it with me when she gets up. I'm not too sure when she will get up because lastnight was a wine night... which was actually quite nice, I was happy anyway (and I only had one glass - yey me) it was nice because the bats were birds all night. For some reason I was so inspired his morning that I started making the top half of the dress I will be wearing for the Maleficent Video Launch, and managed to finish it in an hour, which I impressed myself with. I also made the rag flower to go on a choker (i will be making lots more of these to sell at the show, and I also think that because this dress design has been so successful so far I will be making more of those to sell there too (and after that I shall make some more to sell on my website ... I keep meaning to update my stock on there, but I have been so busy with house stuff that it might not be refreshed until the end of September/August))
Going to go and finish it now before I help to take down my bed and then go to visit David :0)
My Mattress is god:


frank said...

I THINK I WILL HAVE some red wine tonight too- tanx for adding me to fbook nat- you rock x
have a nice week end if you can x

Coral said...

Please do make more dresses like that! It looks beautiful so far. I look forward to seeing the updates on your website, I'll have to start saving for more flutterbydaisy pretties. =)
I hope the move is going well, I wish I could go to the show too... Sigh.
Love and fairies. <3 *