Saturday, 30 May 2009

A reception, dancing and wine shandy

Hannah got a plus one to her friends wedding reception in Brighton... I was a little stressed out this morning but looking forward to getting away from London for a little bit, going somewhere close to the sea (which also meant that it kept getting a bit too cold for that dress but ho hum)
So we set off at around 5ish and people were looking at us like we had just escaped from the circus (which I didn't mind at all - circus folk are cool)
Finding a cafe ... found a cafe ... my phone battery is running out. Pub - today I am good though a couple of £1.50 white wine shandies later and I'm dancing around as though I was drunk, which is the perfect combination.
Downstairs, sitting and talking outside with Hazel, then Hannah, a walk in the park, back again, dancing, introductions, a weird photo paparazzi moment, kisses...
Dancing is good * ;)
Time for the train ... but they don't open the F-ing gates 'till the train is about to leave for some strange reason, which means we were locked out with a group of swaying-loud-club-chuck-outs ... but it's ok - me and David went to sit in a kebab place and cradled some coffee till it was time to go.
On the train again, it's officially tomorrow and we are all falling into a coma type sleep like tired kids after a birthday party with a bouncey castle.
We watch the sun rise.
London: tired - zombies - busses - bed :)

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