Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Back to Brighton

I met Stephanie at Victoria and we were more or less on time today :) Quick tickets!
Run for the train ... chugga chugga choo choo!
It was so warm on the train, we listened to some tunes and laughed about stuff ... there were no sheep in the fields... they were on Holls.
Off the train and it's so breezy...
We walk all the way down to the sea where the sea gulls live and sit on the rocks, should have brought a duvet!
Where is the aquarium?
So we get there and there are evil school children ... but then we watch the shark talk which was fun - I fell in love with the huge turtle with the funny face ... we got to see the underneath of all the sea creatures in the tunnel ... the underneath of sea creatures are wierd.
Stephanie has the best luck ... she got two crystal-stones each time and I only got one ... I put it in my pocket - is it still there *checks* so we went to buy some vibrating sea horses .... vibrating sea horses are the best, espesh' when they are pink and fuzzy.
Lunch at Bella Pasta, where the carbonara lives ... yum.
And then the cold walk back to the train station ... brrrrrrrrrrrrr.
I get home and it's dark.
Poppy makes noise all night ... all night.

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a faerie finder said...

oh noooooooooooo cooooooooooold!
we were :)

im so sorry poppy is so hoppy.
im sure its just her young hormones ha ha
im sorry i almost got us beat up too.