Sunday, 10 May 2009

Lazy Day

I was supposed to meet Steph but we both got lazy and decided to meet up on Tuesday instead, think it was my fault because I woke up at 10:30 but knew I needed to sleep a whole lot more, I ended getting up at 2:00 I think... but it's better to live in the night time. :)
... I feel lke what my bunny looks like - she likes to relax.
Think I can actually see her growing, she is going to be soooo big soon!
She let me stroke her for ages today and looked happy about it which was nice - that means she might love me now... yey.... I think it's because I'm the one who gives her juicey hay and nibbles.
TV time ... my brain is not working and today can only cope with not really doing much and TV is perfect for that.
Everyone goes out ... they left the living room covered in guitars and other stuff that needs wires ... uf ... today I don't like wirey stuff (apart from the TV)
Must leave the living room.
A perfect time to tidy my little work space .... it got in a mess the other day when Poppy escaped and was found later chewing on one of my fave books. She was so into the book (as was I) that she ignored all the wires to and from my sewing machine and hard drive.
Thank bunny god.
I finish a dress I started last month ... I'm going to sew flowery bits on it and it will be pretty - with I had mice and birds to help me, like in Cinderella ... but I just have this big bunny who is just as lazy as me.
What Poppy thinks:
Hay hay hay hay .... carrot.... hay .... chew chew... hay... chew.... RUN ... Run really fast! ... jump jump jump jump.... hay hay hay hay hay... nibbles.... water... escape? ... no....RUN .... run aaaaaaand JUMP! who's this? a big hand ... mmmmmmmmm .....ok leave me alone - I need HAAAAAAY.... sleep.

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That Hooligan Girl said...

Aw your bunny is so adorable! I was thinking about getting one recently.