Sunday, 3 May 2009


Home again this morning at 11:00am ... I have to write so many things, but there's still the suspension so I'm un-motivated and slightly lost. I am planning to finish the book though whatever happens, at least then if I have to leave uni because of the stupid LEA I can extend my word limit.
But first a trip to the corner shop with Lisa ... Pot noodles are in order: We had a time when all we ate were pot noodles, perfect hangover food, but I'm not hungover this time.
Photos, just had too...
Buny is still crazy. I bought an extra fence, because at the moment she owns me. I thought it would arrive tomorrow but it's bank hol uf,
Maybe I should get her a bunny friend.
I remember when I was little and me, Mum and Dad would go out in the car around Hull just to see the wild rabbits hopping in the fields, before Asda. We used to call them runny babbits.
I applied for work experience at Penguin Publishers ... why not.
Beetlejuice is on TV loved that film so much when I was little, the dancing bit...
And now? we wait for our pizza and Marina plays the piano.
In my little runny babbit field I'm dancing.
In this house, I'm writing ... and waiting...
Who knows.

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