Friday, 1 May 2009

Bunny likes to bite stuff

My bunny Poppy eats ... EVERYTHING. I hope she is not sad :( but my shoes are...
This morning I woke up after an awful dream, I wont explain it otherwise it will all come back to me ... eek!
I like the first second of the morning when everything is lovely ... before you remember anything, I think that second is the best second of any day the most quiet and happily empty second.
The rest of the day got slowly more stressful.
I need an extra job, I need to sort out my stupid uni fees... then my bunny ate my furniture, shoes and (almost) foot, then a lovely walk to the corner shop ... which was filled with chavy teenagers who were 'playing' (fighting/stealing/shouting about the police van that stopped, but couldn't take them away anywhere as they were 13-15 : pure evil : why do they exist? they ruined the rest of my night)
I want to move from Hackney ASAP!
(preferably somewhere with a garden so that my bunny can eat what she is supposed to : Grass)
... and now? mmmmmm ... I will eat some egg, watch some Family Guy then write some more of my book ... that's nice to escape to :)
Then meditate:
*fairies, fairies and butterfly wings* ommm ommm ommm

1 comment:

Coral said...

You don't need another job - just keep making those pretty things and I'll buy them all from you. You can be my personal seamstress. =)
... If only I could afford that!

Hugs and kisses... <3