Friday, 29 May 2009


Now I know I have 'till September to find a place and move there : awsome.
Sarcasm is the best form... of everything.
Looking forward to it really - can't wait to decorate my little place just as I want - yum :)
I sent off my CV to the mystical fairy shop - everyone cross all of your fingers and toes! how lovely would it be to work somewhere that wearing a fairy dress is compulsory?! : awsome (I meant that one.)
Drinking some tea at the mo and watching, what else but, QI. I'm thinking how quickly everything has changed. It's funny as I never thought I would feel this way about a guy ever again... but then again I didn't think a lot of things that have happened would. Truth is I'm happy right now (still crossing all those fingers and toes?) peoples reaction to this new piece of information has been very varied (and at times annoying) but I still stand for the right to do what ever the F...
Finished cleaning a little.
Not sure if I'm hungover or not ... but I feel fuzzy, think it's because yesterday I went with Hazel to drink wine under the sun in Soho square. We got drunk, ate chips, stole bread, shouted at some guy in Mac D's (don't ask me why I was there - wine, as you know makes me do silly things) got to the tube in time to drop Hazel off on the platform to meet Hannah and then I ran for the bus to take me to Davids. I woke up in the middle of the night and contemplated another cigarette... couldn't fathom how to make fire so I fell back to sleep again. Was supposed to go out tonight but Simona got some last minute work. Then she called to say it has been cancelled but by that point ER crossed with The Bill was going on outside our front door and I didn't feel like leaving the house: there were millions of police and they shut off the street ... the police man told Lisa and Federica that there was a stabbing. Did I ever tell you how much I love Hackney? (see I told you sarcasm makes everything better) .... but as I said I'm going to be getting out of these hell holes soon ;)
I have an itchy eye.
This tea is yum.
I want to be a fairy.

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Coral said...

And a fairy you will be!
I'm crossing all my fingers, all my toes, my eyes, my internal organs, etc etc, for you. =)
Sounds like many positive changes on the way. Yay!